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Going philosophical!!

[Written on my Nokia 7710, & posted via GPRS so overlook any weird spellings or characters that may pop up]

Hello [ 😀 ]
The weathers become quite pleasent [tell me though,why is it considerd boring to start of a
conversation with the weather? :-)]The humidity has gone down, the winds are cool, & everything looks fresh & clean. Makes you admire the nature’s equilibrium. It has all the equations balanced out perfectly, & probably nobody will be able to replicate
that, least of all us humans[Even the Matrix was unbalanced, hence the anomly, Neo 😉 ] Dont know about you ppl but serene weather [such as this]has this unnerving quality of making me go a bit philosphical[fatalistic?] & do some introspection about myself-my life,my fate,my destiny. I am 18 now, at a crucial juncture of my life. Upto now I had been living in my parent’s shelter[had been studying in kota for class 11 & 12 but still…]who have nurtured me , protected me. Now I’ll be taking my own decisions[God!I can even vote now!!]Soon I’ll be going to college for my higher studies, a completley new phase. There is fear mingled with a sense of excitement in venturing into the unknown[melodramatic? :-?]. There are expectations from me, some by my family, my friends, my peers……Uptill class 12 it was school education, emparted to make you a better human, a better & responsible person. College education is all about career. What you learn here will be practically applicable where you work. I guess its the job I am worried about. You see, one works basically to survive[earn to eat so that you may live] after that you aspire for better things like a roof over your head, good clothes, cars, etc. In other words the society forces us to reach higher. To be accepted you have to be succesful for which you need a job that holds respectibility[awe?] with pay. I am scared if I’ll be able to corner a job so that I may continue or increase the social standing that has been provided to me by my parents as my success or failure will affect their place in society. Basically if I will be able to maintain the family honour-thats what scares me[Ain’t I a big cowward :-s].

In class 10 my friends & I would plan how to make India a better place[& we still want to] But in school we only had to study & had enough time to ponder over such things. Now that we approaching stage of implementation, many more variables are popping into
the equation. You go to college, get your degree, do P.G, get a job, settle down, create a career. Soon you get entangled in your daily routine. What you planned [a decade back] to do takes a back seat, or even worse slips out, due to over-ambition, clearing deadlines or just plain apathy. You repeat the monotonous activities each day just going through the motions. This is what happens in John Grishams “The Street Lawyer”. When the lead character [its been over 2 yrs,
so I dont remember the names *sheepish grin*] graduated from a premiere Law College, he had wanted to work for the good of the ppl. He had wanted to take up cases on behalf of the innocent & provide them with justice, but he became purely moneyminded.His ambition & greed makes him take up all, even those of hardcore criminals.Thats what I fear -corruption of our ideals as we step out into this mad crazy world. It takes a lot of character & will power to stay oncourse. So far I havent been tested in any manner, & I dont think life gives you any practise rounds!! All you can hope is that you get a wakeup call at the correct time like The Street Lawyer.

Whew!! I guess I should have put up a discliamer of sorts in the beginning, about this being a rambling of a person who has become [a little]melodramatic. I have written this exactly as the thoughts came to my mind so you may not be able to make much sense out of

As I had been writing the above……thing……I was listening to some fantabulous tracks by the band ‘Jal’ of their album ‘Aadat’ on my new iPod :-p[well dad gave the iPod to me*punches the air in exhilration*.Refer to iPod Nano Black if you dont known what I’m talking about]. Their voice is quite different from the ppl of of our music industry[who all seem to have those well oiled type voices. The exception being Mr.Reshammiya 😉 who I dont happen to like at all, he sort of irritates me…. ] .Their voice has this gluttural rawness to it, which I love [their adapted versions for the movie Kalyug did not find much favour with me]. I really like the lyrics esp. those of Dil Haarey Pukare, Teri Yaad & Panchi Hoon. All emtional content [love, sadness, truth] are in perfecr proportion. I hate listening to sad songs[Life has enough of it anyway…] & Jal evokes just the required amount of emotion, it doesnt harp only on one, trying to drown you. All are coupled- sadness with hope, pain with love, you know… that type. Makes very good listening esp. in the mood that I was!! Music is one of my passions [if you can call listening a passion ;-p], it mixes with everything, I even play it when I’m studying esp. when doing maths. Earlier I used to play the voilin but haven’t done so, for the
last 5 yrs. Anyway Im more interested in the guitar now, hope to take classes on it.lets see….

I’m also reading a new book titled ‘Hitler’. Its biography of Hitler by Ian Kershaw. I had read Hitlers Mein Kampf[M.K,quite sometime back], but this book is a real revelation. You see M.K was written when Hitler was in jail. It wasnt really an autobiography, but a sort of manifesto for his political career. He had glorified himself alot & also had tried to hide his negative pts. M.K was meant to endear the ppl to him to enhance his career. He created a mythical Hitler
that would be admired & looked upon by the ppl of Germany. Post more about it here as I read. Quite interesting reading, these biographies[NOT
AUTOBIOGRAPHIES]of leaders.[Would recommend reading some like that of Indira Gandhi, busts a lot of myths about them!!]

Till we meet again…….
C’iao Friends


The Matrix-Unplugged!!

All you Matrix buff’s [the other’s arent worth mentioning 😉 ]. So thought you knew all about The Matrix? Think Again!!!

What Is Zion?
Zion is a program, just like the Matrix. How is Neo able to figure out that he is able to stop the sentinels in Zion near the end of the film? The spoon given to him earlier. It had obviously been bent loads, but how outside the Matrix?? This gave Neo the inspiration and the understanding that Zion is still a matrix.

The One explained
“The One” is a program, but has to be “attached” to someone in the Matrix. So Mr. Anderson got it in the 6th version of the Matrix. Then “The One” program’s purpose is to allow Zion to be destroyed then to rebuild it. The reason for this is because of anomalies – the 1% of humans that don’t accept the Matrix. These are all brought out of the Matrix program and into the Zion program by the “Morpheus” program and other similar “ship captain” programs. Then once all the anomalies are out of the Matrix (and in Zion), that is the time for Zion to be destroyed, thus killing all the anomalies off. The Matrix is then upgraded, thus creating the next version of the Matrix, but Zion must be rebuilt so that the next lot of anomalies can be brought out again so that they can be destroyed. This is the feedback-loop, and is the reason to retain a handful of people so that Zion can be rebuilt. So this is why Neo said the prophecy was a lie – the One’s purpose was not to end the war as the prophecy stated. Unfortunately, “The One” program must be re-used each time, or copied, so it can be “attached” to a new anomaly inside the Matrix. So what happens to the old “The One” program? It faces deletion, and as the Oracle explained, it goes into exile instead, just like the French bloke (the Merovingian) did. He was the first One (probably from the second version of the Matrix), and once he fulfilled his duty, he became an exile program and “abdicated” his “Oneness” by choosing Persephone and power. This is evident in the bogs when Persephone asks Neo to kiss her. She says she wants him to kiss her so she can feel what it is like again to be kissed by something close to human, just like the Merovingian used to be. Then she says to Trinity that she envies her, but that these things are not meant to last. So the Merovingian used to be just like Neo – a One – thus proving further the feedback-loop explained earlier.

The correct door in the Architect’s room
Now there are two possibilities here: 1. All the previous One’s chose the right door allowing a “temporary dissemination” of their code into the Matrix (i.e., the code they “carry” thus indicating Neo is indeed human), then he must select (unplug) 23 people from the Matrix to rebuild Zion. This takes away the possibility that stories from previous rebuilds of Zion will be carried through. But Morpheus indicated in the first Matrix that this is the case anyway. He said, “there was a man born inside, able to change things, it was he who freed the first of us,” – basically the One previous to Neo. And this proves that the previous One chose the right door also. Neo’s purpose is also to choose the right door, but he does not because he faces deletion afterwards and has the choice of going into exile – programs choosing to go into exile is the one thing that can’t be accounted for in program parameters. Thus, he chooses the left door instead this time. How was Neo able to choose the other door? Because of his extreme willpower? – Even the Architect indicated that he’d noticed this – “Interesting. That was quicker than the others.” Or more likely, because the Oracle upgraded his coding with the candy on the park bench. The candy/cookie was a method to change the One’s program. She said he has made a believer out of her – this is quite human-like and perhaps the previous One’s didn’t accept the upgrade candy, now she has hope… hope that Neo will finally choose the other door. 2. All the previous One’s chose the left door, saving Trinity and letting Zion fall. So this time is no different. But the Architect does say, “You are here because Zion is about to be destroyed. Its every living inhabitant terminated, its entire existence eradicated,” and also, “this will be the sixth time we have destroyed it, and we have become exceedingly efficient at it,” – assuming the Architect isn’t lying, then they have already destroyed Zion (i.e., Zion has fallen) five times – i.e., the result of going through the left door. Morpheus and Trinity are programs. Morpheus’s purpose was to find the One and deliver him to the Architect. Trinity’s purpose is to control the One by getting in love with him. Trinity is supposed to be the mother of the new One every time the Matrix is Reloaded. That’s why the sex scene was so important and why she was named Trinity. The Architect says, “she is going to die, and there is nothing that you can do to stop it.” He was correct though because she did die just like Neo did in the first Matrix (Oracle said he or Morpheus would, and she didn’t lie, but he came back to life). Trinity dies, but comes back to life (we are using medical definition of death in all this of course!). The Architect has already laid down an ultimatum for Neo choosing the left door: The Architect – “Failure to comply with this process will result in a cataclysmic system crash killing everyone connected to the matrix, which coupled with the extermination of Zion will ultimately result in the extinction of the entire human race.” Neo – “You won’t let it happen, you can’t. You need human beings to survive.” The Architect – “There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept. However, the relevant issue is whether or not you are ready to accept the responsibility for the death of every human being in this world.” Looking at this further, the Architect does say “coupled” with the extermination of Zion will the human race be exterminated. So he says everyone connected to the Matrix will die, but if Zion is not exterminated, the human race will not necessarily die. Also, there is likely to be a time-window between not going through the right door, and the cataclysmic crash, thus allowing Neo to unplug as many as possible from the Matrix, then those people won’t die. This will be the start of the next Zion. As for the Matrix, a cataclysmic crash doesn’t mean the end of the Matrix – just needs rebooting or reloading!

Agent Smith explained
Agent Smith is the only “human” in this world. He’s the one spreading himself like a virus replicating himself over and over until the Matrix will finally get overloaded and fail. Smith is the one who wants to get out of the Matrix for good. He said so in the first Matrix, “I must get out of here, I must get free! And in this mind, is the key,” squeezing Morpheus’s temples, “my key! Once Zion is destroyed, there is no need for me to be here!” Smith knows that by killing Neo he can escape the Matrix because Neo is the key to resetting the Matrix, or to shut it off. It was originally killing Neo (in the first Matrix) that allowed Smith to become powerful (cloning ability) – so killing Neo again will allow him to gain Neo’s powers completely, and thus gain the power to shut down the Matrix. So where the hell did Smith come from if he wants to destroy the Matrix? He’s obviously not meant to be there – he’s a computer virus as he has every characteristic of a virus – he multiplies and spreads and infects (and emulates) other programs like one. He is exactly as he described humans at the end of the first Matrix – “You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus.” But who put him there? This will only be revealed in Revolutions (Revelations?) I guess – but I’m betting on humans in the real real world, i.e., outside of Zion and the Matrix. They’re at war with the machines and trying to destroy them by infecting them with this virus – Agent Smith. So the irony with this theory is that Agent Smith represents the human race!! Neo represents the machines! Agent Smith says to Neo just after he’s seen the Oracle that he became free when Neo destroyed him in the first Matrix (remember when Neo entered his body and exploded him from inside out) – as a virus, Smith has the ability to “inherit” other programs’ abilities and thus inherited some of Neo’s.

The anomaly explained
The anomaly is all the humans that do not accept the Matrix. The Architect says “Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the matrix. You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision. While it remains a burden to sedulously avoid it, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control.” This includes Neo, but Neo’s Matrix avatar is attached with the One program so that he can follow his purpose as explained earlier under “The One explained”. However, he is also supposed to protect himself and destroy anything that gets in his way – i.e., Agent Smith – so that he may fulfill his purpose. Further proving Neo – and other non-accepters of the Matrix – are the anomaly, the Architect says, “Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the matrix.” The clue here is Neo’s program name – “The One”. Take one-third for example. 1 over 3 is 0.33333 recurring. A computer cannot deal with recurring numbers, so must accept a limit, let’s say 0.33333 for argument’s sake. Multiply by 3, you get 0.99999 – never 1.00000, where has the “remainder” 0.00001 (One) gone? This is the limitation of computers, this is the mathematical imprecision inherent in programming (of the Matrix) and the eventuality of the One anomaly unable to be eliminated.

What is the equation then?
Not sure, but it definitely involves pi. The Keymaker refers to the window of time to open the door to the mainframe as 314 seconds. 3.14 is pi to three sig. figs., or the number of radians in half a circle. Half a circle is like the cross-section of a womb, similar to the alcove of Neo and Trinity’s love scene – conceiving the next One? “NEO”, incidentally, is an anagram of “ONE”. Trinity and Neo – one on one; a choice – one or one. Leads us to 101. “101” is mentioned numerous times in Matrix 1 and Reloaded. Neo’s room at the beginning, Merovingian is on the 101st floor, the 101 freeway of the car chase in Reloaded, then when Trinity is hacking into the power plant system, she resets the password to Z10N0101. Freaky. Indicates that she is a program because that’s not some random password she’s put in. 101 is binary for 5, which in zero-based binary counting: 000 is 1, 001, is 2, 010 is 3, 011 is 4, 100 is 5, 101 is 6 – 101 is 6 – Z10N 101 looks like ZION-6 ie the 6th version of Zion!! ! Then there are 303. 303 is the room Neo got shot in Matrix 1, the Oracle lives in room 303, it’s also the hotel room number Trinity is in Matrix 1 and it’s seen at the end when Neo fights the Agents and Smith and begins to literally see the code that makes up the Matrix. 101 x 3 = 303, a trilogy, 3 + 0 + 3 = 6 = the 6th Matrix. Trinity means 3.

Who is the “mother” that the Architect refers to?
The Architect says, “Please,” in an almost disapproving sense when Neo suggests the Oracle, but does not reveal who it really is or even directly that Neo is wrong. The architect was the one who created the Matrix; the co-creator is neither Persephone nor the Oracle. Both of them are only programs that have a purpose in the matrix, just like the rest. The Architect is in charge of the Matrix world and the co-creator is in charge of Zion. She has almost the same age as the Architect. Therefore, that woman is the Head Counselor, the only woman of importance that lives in Zion and the one who asked for the two captains to volunteer at the council meeting. She’s the one who knew all along about the Matrix. She was the one who told Zion’s Defense Minister to cool off and to let Morpheus do his work so things could go as planned. Or alternatively, it could indeed be the Oracle. She is the only program that truly wants humans to have a free choice… at the same time, she sees the future, because she knows the program code – she is like God – which is why Seraph protects her – see “Who is Seraph?” below.

What’s so special about Neo’s avatar?
Neo is a skilled hacker, and his avatar in the Matrix is based on the person that founded the AI of the original machines that eventually took over the world… How? Take a look at the disc he gave to the bloke at the door at the beginning of Matrix 1. It said “DISC AI” on it. The hollowed book Neo takes the disc out of is “Simulacra and Simulation” – a collection of essays by the French postmodernist philosopher Jean Baudrillard. He opens it to the section “on Nihilism” (meaning nothing is truly known, etc.). “Baudrillard’s concept of simulation is the creation of the real through conceptual or ‘mythological’ models which have no connection or origin in reality. The model becomes the determinant of our perception of reality–the real.” And Morpheus says, “Welcome to the desert of the real,” in Matrix 1.

Who is Seraph?
The reason Seraph (the guy Neo meets before meeting the Oracle) had golden code and was so spectacular is that he came from the first incarnation of the matrix, which was heaven. “Seraph” is singular for the plural “seraphim”. The seraphim are the highest choir of angels and included amongst others: Lucifer, Gabriele, Raziel and Malaciah, and they sit on the 8th level of Heaven just one below God.

The Twins?
They are exiled programs that emulate the human myth of ghosts as the Oracle explained. They are programs behaving badly. Persephone killed one of the Merovingian’s bodyguards with a silver bullet because he was emulating a werewolf. So if the Twins could phase into ghost form, why didn’t he when his arm was trapped in the door of the garage? Was it because he was wounded or because he can’t phase when his arm is trapped? No of course not. The doors of that building, when shut, always led somewhere else (usually in the mountains) when opened again without the Keymaker’s key. So if it were slammed shut due to the Twin phasing into ghost form, the Twin’s arm would’ve ended up god knows where, but certainly not attached to the Twin’s body

Why did smith die after converting (infecting) Neo?
What caused the every replica of Smith to explode?? The purpose of every program is to perform its duties and return to the source. But smith,after being destroyed by neo in matrix1
didnt return to the source.This he himself explains to neo in the matrix reloaded. The only way to destroy or kill or eliminate(whatsover) smith is to force him back to the source. At the climax,neo was jacked to the matrix thru the source.when smith made his copy over neo,he was ultimately compelled to return to the source & hence deleted.thats why smith and all his replicas seems to explode inside the matrix.

Our Politicians-What are they good for? Absolutly Nothing!!

Read an article in the Hindustan Times [16.6.06] titled Runaway Politician about NCP leader Mr.Tariq Anwar. Some quotes from it:-

“Tariq hated school. He was barely 8 when he ran away from home to escape attending it.” [was brought back. Then ran away twice again, but again brought back]

“When the film institute in pune was scouting for young talent, Tariq was among the first to apply. He spent all his savings getting himself photographed in different dresses & poses alternating between tragic hero & comedy king”

“…but he abandoned the idea for fear of failure”

“Therefore when politics came his way, he joined it for want of anything better.’I was zero in academics, I could not pursue sports as there were no training facilities & when it came to films I developed cold feet. The only option left was politics, so here I am.’ “

This is a true Indian leader. One who “hated schools”, “zero in academics” , “feared failure”, & finally took up poltics. This is the funda in mera bharat. Good for nothing? Perfect qualifications for a political leader!! After all what do you expect, from a system in which requirements for politicans are:-
1.) Age [with no upper limit]
2.) No criminal record [duh..]
3.) No office of profit.

Nothing to do with academia at all !! No wonder we have people doling out reservations, Tv’s & all sorts of no brainers to the public like lollipops. Cummon what do you expect from illiterates? In a country where Gradguates & P.Gs are desperatly in need of jobs, we have these “angootha chhaps” ruling the roost.

Definitley- I proud to be Indian.

The ppl who appear for civil service exams, one of the toughest in the country & qualify are forced to grovel under these ninocomompic idiots. What a matter of national pride. And we are dreaming of the moon, eh? Would be lucky to get past the troposphere with the help of these guys, come to think even a lift off would be a miracle…

Tell you what? Lets stay on earth, bundle them politicos into some PSLV[Politician Space LaunchVehicle ;-p], shoot them in space[with an oxygen supply of 24 hrs *dreamy eyed*] & amend the constitution to filter in good leaders. We have exams for everything, why not one for Public Representatives? All wannabe P.Rs should be graduates & sit an exam of High school level [minimum, ideally it should be as tough as the civil services, they all will hold top jobs, wont they] & only those who qualify should stand for elections.This should seperate the good guys from the bad & there wont be unnecessary politics [afterall padhai does help].

Better people in politics will result in a better India[Not like Mr.Anwar & others who took it up as it was the only job which does not require a resumé]. If nothing else, it will provide another employment avenue for the thousands of unemployed youth, who by far will be better than what we have now. Lets just hope it all is done in our lifetime & not in some distant future.[And that such a large PSLV maybe constructed!!]

Mr.G.W.Bush-George of the Bungle!!

Hey, its been sumtime since I posted anything. Actually I had been a bit sick for sumtime [feeling better now but still not a 100%].Pls overlook my spellings or any wierd letters, symbols that may appear.[am writing on my Nokia 7710, & posting thru GPRS is not perfect, so….].Heres an e-mail I recieved. Its quite funny so I decided to post it here.Its on the President Bushs Indian visit in march earlier this year[actually its more of Bush Bashing 🙂 ]. I think I have read it somewhere but, cant place it. Asked the sender but no reply.

“Heres Condy, come to give me a last minute briefin’ before I set off on my tour of Indiana, beginnin March. Hiya, Condy. Im all set for Indianna. Whats that? I goin’ not to Indianna-which is a part of good ole USA-but to India which is a different place alltogethor? Well, well you live an’ learn everyday. I always thought India was in Indianna, which is why they call it Indianna. Maybe when I’m there I should see if I could organise that somehow. Condy says the most important thing on the agenda is the nuclear deal. After all these years of saying NO to the Indian Nuclear Program, the US now wants to help India nuclearise, like all get out. Ask Condy why. An’ she tells me that if we dont give India nuclear energy, India & China will burn up all the worlds oil. An’ that will never do. Cos as a Texan oil man I know that its only the US in general-an Texas in particular- which has the God given right to burn up all the worlds oil. Condy says I’m not to ask too many questions about Indias fast breeder projects. An’ I tell Condy, Gee I’d never ask anybody any questions about their breeder projects. I mean with a population of a billion plus India must sure have a lulu of a fast breeder project, an’ then some. But that’s their businnes. We folk from Texas believe in the missionary position an we don’t talk in public about how people breed. Condy asks me what I will say, if the Indians ask me if I intend to launch a strike against Iran. An’ I say heck, Condy, you know how I dont believe in strikes an’ all that labor union stuff . Nah, Ill just tell the Indians that I’ll invite the Iranians over for a nice friendly bird shoot with my pardner, Dick Cheny. That’ll take care of Iranins once an’ for all.

Condy warns me that the Indians are likely to ask for a larger quota of H1B Visas from US. This surprises me. I know that all foreigners are weirdos. Come to think of it, all those outside texas are weirdos. But why would these Indian weridos or anyone else for that matter want a larger quota oh HIV from the US?. Dont they enough AIDS of their own? Condy say H1B not HIV. An’ I say huh? What do you know. There’s a new disease eveyday. I’d say it was a result of global warming. Except of course I don’t believe in any global warming an’ the Coyote Protocol an’ all the envoirnment horseshit. Condy says Ive got to watch out for tricky questions on Iraq, an what I’m planning to do about getting out of Iraq an’ settin up a democratic rule. An’ I rell her, hey thats simple. Democratic rule is what they want right? Ill give ’em democratic rule. Pack Al Gore an’ all them other democrats to Iraq an let them rule the place. That’ll take care of everything. Incuding Al Gore.

Condy tells me that Indians have this funny things with hyphens. Like they’ll invite you to a drink-shrink, an some dinner-winner. But they dont like us Americans to use hypens at all, particularly where Pakistan us concerned. Got it. No Bush-Mush cracks, right? Condy says she hopes Bill wont upstage me by visitin India the same time as I do. An’ I say Clintons visitin India again? An she says, not that Bill, the other Bill, whos even a bigger hit in India than Clinton is. I dont know which Bill shes talkin about.Bill Cosby? The bill of rights? Whatever. Condy says I must learn to say hi Hi in Indian. An’ I tell her, dont worry, I know all about these ethnic greetings. When in India, you fold your hands together, an smile, an say: Saynora. Or is it Gesundheit? “

The Capital Adventure-Monsoon Season

It’s the 6th of June today & it has been raining cats & dogs & rats & god knows what not, for the last two days. Then there is the problem of water……….No, I haven’t lost it [yet that is…] I am talking about usable water. There is no water supply for the past 3 days , some pump or something has broken down, so here we are surrounded by water which we can’t use[some irony eh?]. The whole of Patna [or most of it] is submerged under water [it’ll probably float away tonight, & the next morning we’ll be in the Caribbean, can watch the next match too, now that India has started playing well ;-)]. Anyway we managed to stretch the water in the overhead tanks to 2 days but now it has run out & we are on the ”chapanal” installed in Nani’s backyard. Today it rained throughout the day, so did s bit of water harvesting. All the buckets were put outside & when filled with rain water, it was boiled to purify it, making it drinkable[We are having bottled water to drink, & there is a problem in washing te clothes as there is no water in the tank for the washing machine to use].The lid of the water tanks were also opened up, so they managed to fill up a bit. Dad & I were talking about making a huge funnel like structure, install it on the roof to collect the rain water & siphon it to the tank [maybe even patent it & put it up for sale ;-)].Most of the places in were probably drowned due to the heavy rainfall. There is some place called the “Dakbunglow” & Nani said that it get’s head deep under water. So much for the civic amenities huh, no water, no proper drainage system, no electricity [there was a lot of cut outs…]. Man, even the Harrapan & Mohan-jo-Daro ppl had better civic sense. The water had come half up to our drive way & John [Nani’s German Shepherd] had to be moved further up. Some idiot bought of a huge house in front of Nani’s, demolished it & is rebuilding his own one there, [must have lots of money, & a pea sized brain. I mean who digs the foundation & also the basement in the monsoon when there is a high probability of rain. The whole “gaddha” is now filled with water & has become a pond, hee hee *devilish grin*] all the raw material had been piled on the street blocking it completely. There’s sand flowed with the rain water into our driveway, blocked the drain causing further accumulation of water. Hope that man looses a a lot of money, causing such a lot of inconvenience to all of us.

Hope the rain subsides temporarily so that they can repair & install a new water pump. We need all the rain we can get to replenish the depleting the water table. Mr. Nitish’s government should make it compulsory to have “sinks” in every new house such that most of the rain water flows into the ground & not into rivers to sea [maybe I should write a post on “Water Harvesting”. Lemme think it over.]. Let’s also pray that this shower wakes up the guys in the municipal dept. & begin the work in earnest to clean out the drainage system, making it safer to walk on the roads of Patna [you never know when you may disappear into a deep hope invisible under the murky, dirty water].

Phir Hera Pheri

Who doesn’t love to have a hearty laugh given today’s frantic lifestyles. The deadly trio of Baburao, Shyam and Raju are back again to regale the audience with their amusing anecdotes and gags coupled with increased enthusiasm. PHIR HERA PHERI, a sequel to HERA PHERI (2000), a Firoz A. Nadiadwala production is now directed by Neeraj Vora. The pivotal star cast is still the same (Paresh Rawal, Sunil Shetty and Akshay Kumar), with comedy kings Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Sunil Pal, Tiku Talsania along with the two Bengali bongs, Bipasha Basu and Rimmi Sen.

The greed to make more money strikes the trio, who rise from rags to riches in HERA PHERI.
So as each one is looking for investment options, Raju who’s always quick to spot ways of making easy money, scouts out for an option that promises to double the investment. The only hitch is the minimum investment required which is beyond what the trio saves in the last outing.

You can trust Raju to come out with a solution. He ably ropes in a couple of unwitting investors, adds it with another interesting jape without an inkling that it’ll blow on his face, to come up with the number.Let’s disclose a little secret here. Rajpal Yadav is one of the investors who borrows money from a don played by the versatile, Sharad Saxena, potrayed as a ‘Totla’ in the film.

Now will the riches double or get them into trouble…? Wait to watch a rib-tickling, non-stop laughter riot and find for yourself.

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Castesism-Caste in the past or Pass the Caste?

I had studied Civics in class 10 & everywhere I had read that the state does not discriminate on the basis of caste, colour, creed, sex etc. etc. It was during that time that we were learning about all the govt. services & the required qualifications [Talk about in another post]. We also read about the percent of reservations for various communities. My friend Abhishek had then asked my teacher, that one hand the state says that it would not differentiate among the ppl, but that’s exactly what it does when it provides reservations, it creates two groups one of the “backward ”classes & the other of the “upper” classes, to which the teacher had no satisfactory reply. It may have been for the good of the ppl [Good for the ppl THEN, NOT NOW, Am dead against reservation] but it was still based on caste, something that is not right.

It encourages ppl to emphasize on their caste. Reservation is supposed to uplift the downtrodden ppl of the backward class, but this does not make one forget one’s caste. It may help them in getting education & jobs, but otherwise it’s only detrimental for them. Caste should have been eliminated by now [Cummon it’s almost 60 yrs since “Freedom at midnight”] It is being used by the political parties [Mayawati, Laalo, Mulayam, what are their credentials?] to achieve their own ends. In U.P & Bihar, development, civic amenities do not matter, it’s the caste that has to be appeased to win elections [Even at the center, after all wasn’t the OBC reservation “buttering” for the elections on the states]. Had there been no thingies such as castes maybe important things would have been given higher priorities.

Caste appears in our social life too. Marriages are decided on the basis of castes. How many times have you read the fate of a poor couple of different castes who have have fallen in love with each other? Either they are beaten & separated or hurriedly married off to others, to prevent any “untoward” incident. If they run away, then they are ruthlessly hunted & if found many-a-times they are killed. If, thankfully they escape then both the families go to war with each other. Even worse, sometimes the girl’s family rapes the women of the boy’s family to avenge their “dishonor”. Is this price worth paying for something that has no meaning? I mean does a man who is a Brahmin have different blood, from one who is a Dalit, or any other for that matter.

Anyway one positive sign is that thisgeneration [as far as I’ve seen, don’t know about you all] is…..hey, hold on….WERE not concerned with castes, now due to the quota of the OBC’s & all that hoopla we too have become caste oriented. See how disgusting it is. But anyways most of us do not caste much about ppl castes. I do not know which of my friends belong to which caste [Come to think of it, I dunno my caste either] since it doesn’t matter. But everywhere else ppl talk about it. Name a person, & the first discussion is on his caste. All acquaintances are classified on its basis & are probably reciprocated in the same manner.

In this time & age caste serves no purpose [at least it does not have any benefit,] it only creates problems for one and all. There is enough misery, as it is, without it adding more. Cummon ppl show some sense, let bygones is bygones.

What say?

Something in a lighter vein

T.V Soaps-Any better than the "Nahane Ka Saabun"

Today I was watching the saas-bahu soaps, with Nani & Aastha. Now I don’t like watching them, but I was sitting there, when Aastha put on the T.V. Every time I see them I laugh [though they are meant to be sad]. I mean how these sell yaar? They have no plot, are full of sadness, ultra-slow, half are adverts, suffocating domination of a few ppl of the supposed good ppl [who never retaliate, no matter how they are persecuted], polygamy, remarriage among themselves [eg. Kasauti Zindagi Kay-don’t know how many times Preena & Anurag have married]

Most of the serials have the same characters, which always confuses me [all sorts of overlapping occur]. Then somebody or the other dies/killed but makes a comeback, & not once but many times [better than cat’s nine lives?], their parting dialogue should be “I’ll be back” eh?

These script writers seem like sadists to me. You see they create such ultimate villains [what are they called now …….. lemme see ….. oh yeah vamps or something like that, correct], who are covertly able to wreck relationships, marriages, families, without any sort of damage to themselves. God!! I mean, how can ppl not see through the evil? And how do the viewers digest this cruelty? Politicians should take a lesson or two from them how to blast their opponents. At least there should be some sort of valve so that the good ppl can get some of their own back [all they do is make mahatma like dialogues]. At least add something satisfying, something that enforces faith in life.

This reminds me of the story of the movie The Matrix [Huh? You haven’t seen the movie, GO SEE IT. It’s the movie of the Millennium. Really guys….]. When Agent Smith captures Morpheus, he tells him about the various versions of the matrix. He said that the first program was full of happy thoughts, but the system crashed as the human mind rejected it. The next one included a few griefs’ which made it more stable. So the more the sadness, more stability, more acceptances by the mind. So they were right. We humans relish sadness. Man are we sick 😦

All of a sudden we have a generation change of about 20 yrs. All characters get 20 yrs. older & the children grow up, get married, have children of their own who also add to the misery of their peers, saas’s. & of course ours. It’s quite funny to see the characters fight over small things [worn the previous wife’s clothes? man you’re dead meat. darker colour? God help you.]

Another thing that’s irritating is the ever present slow-mo’s & the camera angles. Anything surprising, we get a hundred looks of all the characters present in different angles in slow motion. As it is the serials are slow, but this really takes the cake.

Ahh… Now I feel better. Watching these serials for only a few minutes gets me frustrated, so I had to do something. Can’t change the script, but I can rave ‘n’ rant on my blog, init?

C’iao ppl…..

Apple iPod Nano Black

Hey, guys Mamu has brought an iPod-Nano [black]for dad.

Earlier I thought that I wouldn’t need it as I already have a music player in my Nokia 7710. But when I saw it I was bowled over.

Its black, razor thin, has colour display, & I’m in love with it’s swivel wheel. It has only 2 GB memory, but it’s good enough. [specs.-3.5X1.5X.27 inches, any smaller it would be too awkward to use]

Man now I dearly wished that I had not told Mamu that I did not want it. It’s colour, & slimness is extremely appealing [I didn’t know that nano was that slim, thought that iPods were quite thick & a bit bulky].

The sound quality is fantabulous [get it –fantastic+fabulous– ripoff expression from my bro’s blog, really good, eh?] with an ace equalizer, sorting in form of playlists, albums, artists, genres, composers. Yaar, I hope dad gives it to me [he already has an MP3 player 512 MB]. Pray for me ppl. Gawd, pls let me have it.

[iPod, iPod Mini, iPod Nano]

The Capital Adventure-Part 4

After a long time I was coming to Nani’s place [3yrs, earlier it was almost 6 monthly]. I didn’t know how much I had missed the place until I came back. Anyway, all of us freshened up & sat in the drawing room, where two new AC’s had been installed [so that all of us could sit together, & not sweat like horses after a long run].Most of the time, we just sat together talking about our experience cracking jokes.

The next day was Nana & Nani’s anniversary. Everyone wished them & in the evening mum brought a small cake to celebrate it. The day after Mama & co. were going to Bangalore [for three days ] to attend the marriage of Mami’s Bro, so both stayed up late, packing for the trip. I spent my time copying the music from the CD’s we had brought from Delhi, into all the……….. iPods, hey I did’nt write about the gifts Mama had brought. For Me-Nike Shoes & Armitron Watch. Dad- iPod & some clothes. Mum-Beauty thinigies, Sis- bric-braks. Nana Nani- iPod, Clothes, decorative items, meds.

I stayed up till 12:00 am copying the songs to all the four iPod’s [also Aabhas’ & shivani’s].

Now on to some things about Patna. It has improved a bit since I last visited [in the aspect of cleanliness], but still its down in the dumps. I know that Lko is not much better, but here……. First of all there is this problem of water, its supplied in the early morning, afternoon, & then in the evening. Yaar atleast paani do dena chahiye na, Goddd!!! Next is the bijli. Nana has taken all the three phases so as to have a constant [almost] supply of bijli. But even then we do have to face load shedding. Along with that is the problem of voltage fluctuation, nana has installed a mini transformer in the house to protect the electrical appliances from going “phut”. Even fzb is better off [though my friends call it the “gaon”]. Hope that the Mr.Nitish’s government is going to do something about it [soon]. The heat is unbearable, & the humidity adds to the misery. Thankfully all the AC’s are of excellent quality & provide a relief [at least as long there is electricity] from the sweltering heat.

Since Mamu is going to Bangalore we won’t be doing much, only stay at home. When they come back will we be going somewhere, so there won’t be much to post. Next post on the 6th [they arrive on the 5th]. Till then –Ta

The Capital Adventure-3

We arrived at lko on the 29th via the Indian Airlines. They haven’t spruced up their planes at all, don’t know how they will compete with the others. Anyway we arrived safe & sound [though late, as is the norm in India with any mode of transportation], collected our luggage & went off to our house. All we made was a brief stop there, to freshen up, take a few of our belongings, & leave for Faizabad [fzb].

It took us about 2.5 hrs to reach there. Here Mama & co. met dad. We had an excellent meal, prepared by the staff of fzb, Mr. Bahadur. He is a great cook & his cooking leaves you licking your fingers & going “yeh dil maange more”. Mamu & Co. then went to see the Ram Janm Bhoomi [RJB].

After they returned we all lounged around, talking [eating too], basically enjoying each other’s company. We had to catch our train for Patna at Sultanpur [at this point dad & dadi also joined us as they were also going to Patna] which was scheduled to depart at 11.55 pm. Hence we left fzb at around 10:00pm. We reached on time, but there was some confusion about the luggage by the staff that were to help us at sultanpur station. 4 seats were in AC 2 tier[Mamu & co.], 5 in AC 3 tier[Us], so the luggage had to divide up between these two. The quantity of the luggage was too much [more ppl added to they caravan- total of 9 ppl without counting the 2 staff we were lugging around.] & the stopover was only 2 min. Somehow the entire luggage was thrown aboard, & adjusted.

All of us had a good sleep, & I was excited to meet Nana & Nani. For the first time did the train not stop outside the Patna station, but continued right in to it, due to which we reached Patna on time. Nana had come to receive us at the station. All the luggage was collected & put into a rented van, & we left for Nani’s place [Dadi is staying at my bua’a place].

To be continued……..

Reservations-Back to the Future?

[Republished post as I had deleted my blog. Originally my first post.See “Dumb & Dumber”]

Once upon a time a beggar(Arjun Singh?)came to a house & begged the owner (lets say-Manmohan Singh) for some food. MS takes pity on the poor man & gives him something to eat. The next day again AS comes & asks for food, MS obliged him again. This continued for a whole week, & then MS realized that this sort of help is only encouraging the poor little man(ie AS). So the next day when AS comes again, MS takes him to the market, buys him a fishing net, & teaches him how to fish. A year later a visitor comes to MS’s house with gifts & thanks him, can you guess who the person was?..Yep it wasAS who had begun to earn his living & lead life with dignity. MS’s help had resulted in AS becoming self-reliant.
Moral of the story: Help people in such a manner that makes them self- dependent & confident of their abilities, so that they can lead a life of respectability.
[forgive me for using MS & AS the names-a lot of turbulence had been built up due to them, helped in calming me down, a little!!!]
Now many of you must have heard this story & must be thinking why I took the trouble of recounting it here. Well…. I am trying to relate it to the “help”(pls mark the double quotes) being provided by the government to the OBC/SC/ST etc. by increasing the no. of reserved seats in all premier and centrally funded educational institutes. At this rate either soon there wont be enough seats for the general category students, or institutions will be set up separately for OBC/SC/ST etc. Mind you I don’t have anything against them, I am just thinking of the benefits of reservation(& so far still haven’t seen any).Reservation was made so that the backward ppl were not discriminated against, & could be helped.This was to be SCRAPPED after 10 yrs, but now its been extended to 50yrs!!
Let us say that there were no quotas & a student who is an OBC/SC/ST gets AIR 1 in IIT-JEE or CAT or any other exam do you think that the institute will not admit him/her in their college?Ofcourse they will!! And this not only true for AIR 1, but any other rank. All institutions want the best & do not discriminate on the basis of caste(which brings us to matters of castesim, but thats for another post). They will allow admissions as long as the student qualifies the exam. Anyway this reservation benefits only the “makkhan” layer & not the actual needy, so it doesnt make any sense.
You know what the gov. should do? First of all it should improve the quality of education right from primary to secondary level. All the government & private schools should pull up their socks & should provide a minimum quality & a body should be setup to gauge this quality(as in ISO 9001 etc.).This will result in students who can compete in various competitive exams, on their own capabilities. Next, scholarships should be given to the DESERVING candidacy who have qualified in the entrance exams. As a result everybody benefits & there is no need for reservation.
Mission Accomplished!!
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Now the others-STs & the Minorities-have also demanded reservation. This a vicious circle, you can ’favour one part of society & expect the others to stare omutelyey. India is made up of god knows how many religious sects, castes, subcastes, for how many will you increase the seats? The estimated Rs.8000 crore to improve the infrastructure could be used to revamp primary & secondary education [Though its about time the colleges expanded their facilities], but that would require al lot of planning & thought, something which I don’t think the concerned ppl are ready to do. When will this end. They might as well setup different institutes for all of the above, or maybe the HRD should finance the students who are forced to study in other countries [Mr. A. Singh’s complete financial holdings shouldhappilypliy used to this effect]. Cummon ppl, use a bit of common sense. We were already divided by the British, don’t divide us further…pls?

Dumb & Dumber

Hey People. Guess what? I mistakenly deleated my blog, I know its pretty dumb :-(, try repost all my older articles. Bear with me. It’ll be up & running soon.

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