Reservations-Back to the Future?

[Republished post as I had deleted my blog. Originally my first post.See “Dumb & Dumber”]

Once upon a time a beggar(Arjun Singh?)came to a house & begged the owner (lets say-Manmohan Singh) for some food. MS takes pity on the poor man & gives him something to eat. The next day again AS comes & asks for food, MS obliged him again. This continued for a whole week, & then MS realized that this sort of help is only encouraging the poor little man(ie AS). So the next day when AS comes again, MS takes him to the market, buys him a fishing net, & teaches him how to fish. A year later a visitor comes to MS’s house with gifts & thanks him, can you guess who the person was?..Yep it wasAS who had begun to earn his living & lead life with dignity. MS’s help had resulted in AS becoming self-reliant.
Moral of the story: Help people in such a manner that makes them self- dependent & confident of their abilities, so that they can lead a life of respectability.
[forgive me for using MS & AS the names-a lot of turbulence had been built up due to them, helped in calming me down, a little!!!]
Now many of you must have heard this story & must be thinking why I took the trouble of recounting it here. Well…. I am trying to relate it to the “help”(pls mark the double quotes) being provided by the government to the OBC/SC/ST etc. by increasing the no. of reserved seats in all premier and centrally funded educational institutes. At this rate either soon there wont be enough seats for the general category students, or institutions will be set up separately for OBC/SC/ST etc. Mind you I don’t have anything against them, I am just thinking of the benefits of reservation(& so far still haven’t seen any).Reservation was made so that the backward ppl were not discriminated against, & could be helped.This was to be SCRAPPED after 10 yrs, but now its been extended to 50yrs!!
Let us say that there were no quotas & a student who is an OBC/SC/ST gets AIR 1 in IIT-JEE or CAT or any other exam do you think that the institute will not admit him/her in their college?Ofcourse they will!! And this not only true for AIR 1, but any other rank. All institutions want the best & do not discriminate on the basis of caste(which brings us to matters of castesim, but thats for another post). They will allow admissions as long as the student qualifies the exam. Anyway this reservation benefits only the “makkhan” layer & not the actual needy, so it doesnt make any sense.
You know what the gov. should do? First of all it should improve the quality of education right from primary to secondary level. All the government & private schools should pull up their socks & should provide a minimum quality & a body should be setup to gauge this quality(as in ISO 9001 etc.).This will result in students who can compete in various competitive exams, on their own capabilities. Next, scholarships should be given to the DESERVING candidacy who have qualified in the entrance exams. As a result everybody benefits & there is no need for reservation.
Mission Accomplished!!
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Now the others-STs & the Minorities-have also demanded reservation. This a vicious circle, you can ’favour one part of society & expect the others to stare omutelyey. India is made up of god knows how many religious sects, castes, subcastes, for how many will you increase the seats? The estimated Rs.8000 crore to improve the infrastructure could be used to revamp primary & secondary education [Though its about time the colleges expanded their facilities], but that would require al lot of planning & thought, something which I don’t think the concerned ppl are ready to do. When will this end. They might as well setup different institutes for all of the above, or maybe the HRD should finance the students who are forced to study in other countries [Mr. A. Singh’s complete financial holdings shouldhappilypliy used to this effect]. Cummon ppl, use a bit of common sense. We were already divided by the British, don’t divide us further…pls?


3 responses to “Reservations-Back to the Future?

  1. camelpost June 29, 2006 at 2:20 AM

    If you thought Reservations end with admissions in IIT, please read the following from Academics@ IIT Delhi
    Department Change at IIT .. A student is eligible to apply for change of discipline at the end of first year only provided he/she satisfies the criteria: CGPA for the General Category students greater than or equal to 7.50 and CGPA for SC/ST category students greater than or equal to 6.50.

    MHRD and the job reservation in private sector supporting UGC Chief must be working hard to set new standards for OBCs.
    Let my country go to sleep, let my country go to sleep …….

  2. Omkar Nisal July 1, 2006 at 2:38 PM

    thanks for ur comment on my blog.. good luck for your exams and hope to talk to you sooon! cheers


  3. Losty July 5, 2006 at 6:09 AM

    To Camelpost: Yeah reservation is everywhere, it shows that society is biased that they will not perform well, in normal competition. Otherwise why lowe the bar for them?
    To Omkar Nisal:Thanks

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