The Capital Adventure-3

We arrived at lko on the 29th via the Indian Airlines. They haven’t spruced up their planes at all, don’t know how they will compete with the others. Anyway we arrived safe & sound [though late, as is the norm in India with any mode of transportation], collected our luggage & went off to our house. All we made was a brief stop there, to freshen up, take a few of our belongings, & leave for Faizabad [fzb].

It took us about 2.5 hrs to reach there. Here Mama & co. met dad. We had an excellent meal, prepared by the staff of fzb, Mr. Bahadur. He is a great cook & his cooking leaves you licking your fingers & going “yeh dil maange more”. Mamu & Co. then went to see the Ram Janm Bhoomi [RJB].

After they returned we all lounged around, talking [eating too], basically enjoying each other’s company. We had to catch our train for Patna at Sultanpur [at this point dad & dadi also joined us as they were also going to Patna] which was scheduled to depart at 11.55 pm. Hence we left fzb at around 10:00pm. We reached on time, but there was some confusion about the luggage by the staff that were to help us at sultanpur station. 4 seats were in AC 2 tier[Mamu & co.], 5 in AC 3 tier[Us], so the luggage had to divide up between these two. The quantity of the luggage was too much [more ppl added to they caravan- total of 9 ppl without counting the 2 staff we were lugging around.] & the stopover was only 2 min. Somehow the entire luggage was thrown aboard, & adjusted.

All of us had a good sleep, & I was excited to meet Nana & Nani. For the first time did the train not stop outside the Patna station, but continued right in to it, due to which we reached Patna on time. Nana had come to receive us at the station. All the luggage was collected & put into a rented van, & we left for Nani’s place [Dadi is staying at my bua’a place].

To be continued……..


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