The Capital Adventure-Part 4

After a long time I was coming to Nani’s place [3yrs, earlier it was almost 6 monthly]. I didn’t know how much I had missed the place until I came back. Anyway, all of us freshened up & sat in the drawing room, where two new AC’s had been installed [so that all of us could sit together, & not sweat like horses after a long run].Most of the time, we just sat together talking about our experience cracking jokes.

The next day was Nana & Nani’s anniversary. Everyone wished them & in the evening mum brought a small cake to celebrate it. The day after Mama & co. were going to Bangalore [for three days ] to attend the marriage of Mami’s Bro, so both stayed up late, packing for the trip. I spent my time copying the music from the CD’s we had brought from Delhi, into all the……….. iPods, hey I did’nt write about the gifts Mama had brought. For Me-Nike Shoes & Armitron Watch. Dad- iPod & some clothes. Mum-Beauty thinigies, Sis- bric-braks. Nana Nani- iPod, Clothes, decorative items, meds.

I stayed up till 12:00 am copying the songs to all the four iPod’s [also Aabhas’ & shivani’s].

Now on to some things about Patna. It has improved a bit since I last visited [in the aspect of cleanliness], but still its down in the dumps. I know that Lko is not much better, but here……. First of all there is this problem of water, its supplied in the early morning, afternoon, & then in the evening. Yaar atleast paani do dena chahiye na, Goddd!!! Next is the bijli. Nana has taken all the three phases so as to have a constant [almost] supply of bijli. But even then we do have to face load shedding. Along with that is the problem of voltage fluctuation, nana has installed a mini transformer in the house to protect the electrical appliances from going “phut”. Even fzb is better off [though my friends call it the “gaon”]. Hope that the Mr.Nitish’s government is going to do something about it [soon]. The heat is unbearable, & the humidity adds to the misery. Thankfully all the AC’s are of excellent quality & provide a relief [at least as long there is electricity] from the sweltering heat.

Since Mamu is going to Bangalore we won’t be doing much, only stay at home. When they come back will we be going somewhere, so there won’t be much to post. Next post on the 6th [they arrive on the 5th]. Till then –Ta


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