Castesism-Caste in the past or Pass the Caste?

I had studied Civics in class 10 & everywhere I had read that the state does not discriminate on the basis of caste, colour, creed, sex etc. etc. It was during that time that we were learning about all the govt. services & the required qualifications [Talk about in another post]. We also read about the percent of reservations for various communities. My friend Abhishek had then asked my teacher, that one hand the state says that it would not differentiate among the ppl, but that’s exactly what it does when it provides reservations, it creates two groups one of the “backward ”classes & the other of the “upper” classes, to which the teacher had no satisfactory reply. It may have been for the good of the ppl [Good for the ppl THEN, NOT NOW, Am dead against reservation] but it was still based on caste, something that is not right.

It encourages ppl to emphasize on their caste. Reservation is supposed to uplift the downtrodden ppl of the backward class, but this does not make one forget one’s caste. It may help them in getting education & jobs, but otherwise it’s only detrimental for them. Caste should have been eliminated by now [Cummon it’s almost 60 yrs since “Freedom at midnight”] It is being used by the political parties [Mayawati, Laalo, Mulayam, what are their credentials?] to achieve their own ends. In U.P & Bihar, development, civic amenities do not matter, it’s the caste that has to be appeased to win elections [Even at the center, after all wasn’t the OBC reservation “buttering” for the elections on the states]. Had there been no thingies such as castes maybe important things would have been given higher priorities.

Caste appears in our social life too. Marriages are decided on the basis of castes. How many times have you read the fate of a poor couple of different castes who have have fallen in love with each other? Either they are beaten & separated or hurriedly married off to others, to prevent any “untoward” incident. If they run away, then they are ruthlessly hunted & if found many-a-times they are killed. If, thankfully they escape then both the families go to war with each other. Even worse, sometimes the girl’s family rapes the women of the boy’s family to avenge their “dishonor”. Is this price worth paying for something that has no meaning? I mean does a man who is a Brahmin have different blood, from one who is a Dalit, or any other for that matter.

Anyway one positive sign is that thisgeneration [as far as I’ve seen, don’t know about you all] is…..hey, hold on….WERE not concerned with castes, now due to the quota of the OBC’s & all that hoopla we too have become caste oriented. See how disgusting it is. But anyways most of us do not caste much about ppl castes. I do not know which of my friends belong to which caste [Come to think of it, I dunno my caste either] since it doesn’t matter. But everywhere else ppl talk about it. Name a person, & the first discussion is on his caste. All acquaintances are classified on its basis & are probably reciprocated in the same manner.

In this time & age caste serves no purpose [at least it does not have any benefit,] it only creates problems for one and all. There is enough misery, as it is, without it adding more. Cummon ppl show some sense, let bygones is bygones.

What say?

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