The Capital Adventure-Monsoon Season

It’s the 6th of June today & it has been raining cats & dogs & rats & god knows what not, for the last two days. Then there is the problem of water……….No, I haven’t lost it [yet that is…] I am talking about usable water. There is no water supply for the past 3 days , some pump or something has broken down, so here we are surrounded by water which we can’t use[some irony eh?]. The whole of Patna [or most of it] is submerged under water [it’ll probably float away tonight, & the next morning we’ll be in the Caribbean, can watch the next match too, now that India has started playing well ;-)]. Anyway we managed to stretch the water in the overhead tanks to 2 days but now it has run out & we are on the ”chapanal” installed in Nani’s backyard. Today it rained throughout the day, so did s bit of water harvesting. All the buckets were put outside & when filled with rain water, it was boiled to purify it, making it drinkable[We are having bottled water to drink, & there is a problem in washing te clothes as there is no water in the tank for the washing machine to use].The lid of the water tanks were also opened up, so they managed to fill up a bit. Dad & I were talking about making a huge funnel like structure, install it on the roof to collect the rain water & siphon it to the tank [maybe even patent it & put it up for sale ;-)].Most of the places in were probably drowned due to the heavy rainfall. There is some place called the “Dakbunglow” & Nani said that it get’s head deep under water. So much for the civic amenities huh, no water, no proper drainage system, no electricity [there was a lot of cut outs…]. Man, even the Harrapan & Mohan-jo-Daro ppl had better civic sense. The water had come half up to our drive way & John [Nani’s German Shepherd] had to be moved further up. Some idiot bought of a huge house in front of Nani’s, demolished it & is rebuilding his own one there, [must have lots of money, & a pea sized brain. I mean who digs the foundation & also the basement in the monsoon when there is a high probability of rain. The whole “gaddha” is now filled with water & has become a pond, hee hee *devilish grin*] all the raw material had been piled on the street blocking it completely. There’s sand flowed with the rain water into our driveway, blocked the drain causing further accumulation of water. Hope that man looses a a lot of money, causing such a lot of inconvenience to all of us.

Hope the rain subsides temporarily so that they can repair & install a new water pump. We need all the rain we can get to replenish the depleting the water table. Mr. Nitish’s government should make it compulsory to have “sinks” in every new house such that most of the rain water flows into the ground & not into rivers to sea [maybe I should write a post on “Water Harvesting”. Lemme think it over.]. Let’s also pray that this shower wakes up the guys in the municipal dept. & begin the work in earnest to clean out the drainage system, making it safer to walk on the roads of Patna [you never know when you may disappear into a deep hope invisible under the murky, dirty water].


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