Our Politicians-What are they good for? Absolutly Nothing!!

Read an article in the Hindustan Times [16.6.06] titled Runaway Politician about NCP leader Mr.Tariq Anwar. Some quotes from it:-

“Tariq hated school. He was barely 8 when he ran away from home to escape attending it.” [was brought back. Then ran away twice again, but again brought back]

“When the film institute in pune was scouting for young talent, Tariq was among the first to apply. He spent all his savings getting himself photographed in different dresses & poses alternating between tragic hero & comedy king”

“…but he abandoned the idea for fear of failure”

“Therefore when politics came his way, he joined it for want of anything better.’I was zero in academics, I could not pursue sports as there were no training facilities & when it came to films I developed cold feet. The only option left was politics, so here I am.’ “

This is a true Indian leader. One who “hated schools”, “zero in academics” , “feared failure”, & finally took up poltics. This is the funda in mera bharat. Good for nothing? Perfect qualifications for a political leader!! After all what do you expect, from a system in which requirements for politicans are:-
1.) Age [with no upper limit]
2.) No criminal record [duh..]
3.) No office of profit.

Nothing to do with academia at all !! No wonder we have people doling out reservations, Tv’s & all sorts of no brainers to the public like lollipops. Cummon what do you expect from illiterates? In a country where Gradguates & P.Gs are desperatly in need of jobs, we have these “angootha chhaps” ruling the roost.

Definitley- I proud to be Indian.

The ppl who appear for civil service exams, one of the toughest in the country & qualify are forced to grovel under these ninocomompic idiots. What a matter of national pride. And we are dreaming of the moon, eh? Would be lucky to get past the troposphere with the help of these guys, come to think even a lift off would be a miracle…

Tell you what? Lets stay on earth, bundle them politicos into some PSLV[Politician Space LaunchVehicle ;-p], shoot them in space[with an oxygen supply of 24 hrs *dreamy eyed*] & amend the constitution to filter in good leaders. We have exams for everything, why not one for Public Representatives? All wannabe P.Rs should be graduates & sit an exam of High school level [minimum, ideally it should be as tough as the civil services, they all will hold top jobs, wont they] & only those who qualify should stand for elections.This should seperate the good guys from the bad & there wont be unnecessary politics [afterall padhai does help].

Better people in politics will result in a better India[Not like Mr.Anwar & others who took it up as it was the only job which does not require a resumé]. If nothing else, it will provide another employment avenue for the thousands of unemployed youth, who by far will be better than what we have now. Lets just hope it all is done in our lifetime & not in some distant future.[And that such a large PSLV maybe constructed!!]


2 responses to “Our Politicians-What are they good for? Absolutly Nothing!!

  1. demon16 June 21, 2006 at 6:55 AM

    i totaly agree wid u man , but this is just 1 of d million egs. Actually the political scenario is even worse. ppl who hav over 100 charges against them (includin murder)get pardoned and after dat they make a future in politics.the most prominent eg of our times being phoolan devi

    As far as an educational qualification 4 politicians is concerned i support u blindly. but u cant hav an exam 4 this man, its not necessary dat an individual who is gud in `ratofication` can b a gud leader 2.

  2. Losty June 21, 2006 at 7:56 AM

    To demon 16:Exactly, this is atleast a bit ok, as compared to the rest. Its only the tip of the iceberg.All sorts of ppl who should be languishing in jail, are out roaming in the sociey. I know that an wducated person is not neccessarily a good leader. But what i am hoping is that atleasrt a person who is educated will be better than ppl like Maya, Lallo etc. The education system does help in broading the minds.

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