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Religion: -A Necessity or a Burden?

Okay ppl…..I’M BAACK…..I hadn’t posted anything for a loooong time[the bush thingy does not count as its nothing creative from my side just copy paste, sorry for not putting in the source…]anyway the delay was mainlycaused by my dad’s transfer back to Lucknow….after 1.35 yrs in FZB[that’s Faizabad] There the computer was good, had broad band, but its something else here….My computer is a piece of antiquated automation… P2,333mhz,win 98[win ME kept crashing :-(] But the most irritating thing about is trying to work on the net, & no its not due the presence of dialup only[but that too is one major factor :-)]It’s this-THE RUDDY THING KEEPS HANGING UP EVERY 15 MINS!!! I mean one a while its ok, but 15MINS? You try to maximize the windows that open up[& none open full screen all are about 1/3 of actual size] & it hangs, More than 3 programs it hangs… this apart from the fact that its slower than any tortoise/snail *whatever..*It really puts me off to work on it, even if I have real important things to talk about…..

err..ok I don’t think all of THIS was of any importance to you ppl…but this compu….THING[not worth calling a computer :-/] is a bit too much…..

ok enough of the cursing. Now to the important things…Have read a book recently: “India-The Siege Within” by M.J.Akbar. It was my dads & I was feeling bored so decided to read it[I know I was reading a biography of Hitler, but this ones much more interesting] Finished it in 2 days [you see dad also bought me a book on how to read faster, not that I was poor reader but this has raised my speed from 435 words per minute to 569 WPM ;-D] Basically this book presents some of the problems that India had been facing right after it got her independence. Mr.Akbar talks of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Punjab & Tamil Nadu. We come to know how much we are at risk from our own selves….the fear, hate, confusion…its all there.
The most pressing matter was that of religion. There were too many of them & anything done in the favour of Hindusim raises anger like nothing else. Take the matter of a national language…Since a majority of the Indians spoke hindi, logically the state language should have been Hindi But this move was severely criticized by the minorities, saying that this was the first step towards the “Hindu Raj” that Jinnah has prophesized. The thing was that every community wanted its own identity & were not prepared to compromise[that was then, atleast I hope it was…]How can so many ppl with so many differences live together in peace if each & everyone does not make some compromise….that includes the majority as well as the minorities.
Anyway as I was reading all this a question[an idea?]came to me. What was religion? There maybe many versions but I think the basic principle is “faith”. Everyone has his own faith his own belief. All the remaining hocus-pocus [i.e. the rituals] are just
add ons. So this made me think that maybe religion was just a form of control[overtures of The Matrix??? Just can’t seem to let it go!! :-D] You see earlier during the reign of kings & all, they needed a form of control over the masses. So, many rules were incorporated in the faiths to make the ppl…..behave… See all religions advocate the same thing- to lead a good pure life, so that we become almost as perfect as God himself i.e. a full 100%. Everyone needs some set rules to know if he is on the correct path or if he is veering of course. Earlier these rules were laid down in the name of religion. They preached basic logic [love all, help all, etc.] so that all ppl could live together without conflict. They were just what the present day constitution is to us, a set of laws which when followed make everyone’s life easier.
Hence religion is “faith+rules”. Rules were made by man himself to suit his lifestyle during his time. Like hindus cant eat cow meat. This was probably due to the fact that cows were the integral part of life in those days. They provided means of transportation, tilled the fields, cowdung was used both as manure as well as cooking fuel, she also gave milk. She was very important so she was protected. Maybe early ppl were ADVISED not to eat them[as a sign of gratitude?] but over a period of time this advice was slowly converted to a LAW. Muslims consider pigs unclean-Maybe many centuries ago some ppl may have eaten pig meat & all died[we all know pigs can be easily infected] so they the others were ADVISED to stay way from it & this too over a period of time became a LAW [DISCLAIMER:I am not insulting anybody here so pls dont take offence. Just trying to prove a point. I apologize if I have hurt anybody’s feelings]
Ppl can create their own religion, as its only a matter of belief. you believe in a set of principles, set yourself some rules to be followed & give it a name, a new religion is born!! The rules only serve as a distinguishing factor from one another[otherwise how would you differentiate! They all preach the same thing remember?] What is the use of religion? To achieve supreme bliss right? That is to say you have to go from a point ‘A'[here] to a point ‘B'[nirvana]. You can choose any path you want as long as it leads to point ‘B'[very much like the ‘state function’ in thermodynamics :-)]
What I am trying to say with all of the things above is that this ‘version’ of religion was Ok earlier-i.e. it was a good form of control. But now do we need it? I don’t mean to dump it all off, but just tailor it to the needs of the present? What do you need to do to be a 100%? You need to be pure physically [don’t commit sins] as well as spiritually[do not bear harmful thoughts]. The rules have been used to make us all pure physically. It is the faith that makes you pure spiritually This is comparatively more difficult than having being pure physically. Say a father instills discipline in his son & makes him rigorously follow all the rituals exactly…this should make him physically pure, but thus only 50%. To be the 100% he needs to be pure at heart too. If the son is jealousy, anger etc. then what ever he may do he will never be the 100 %
But the problem is that the fights that take place are always for the rules, never for the faith, right from the inception of the country to the present. All the communal riots are a war on the rituals of the second religion. So why not just leave them all? As I have already pointed out, to be physically pure the constitution already provides the basic guidelines. Why not adopt the constitution in place of the rituals[with some editing]. It would be common across India, hence there would not be any communal tensions. But of course there will be opposition, that’s the way its always been….[something related to the creation of Pakistan, Operation Bluestar etc. but more about that in the next post]
Forgive me ppl, if you don’t get my meaning. I tried to put it as clearly as I could but I am not sure I was able too….would be glad to get your comments on this one…

Till we meet again…..
asta lavista baby!!


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