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Pune mein Ghume!

Hey ppl!!,
Have taken admission in MIT with Mech. Engg. isleye kai dino se kuch nahi likha[moving into the hostel,buying the essentials etc. etc…..]On the 25th we had our orientation of the college, its quite good. The classes will begin on the 27th. Living in the hostel for the 1st yr.will move into private jagah next yr.The hostel is strictly OK[but arent they all :-D] sharing is between 4 ppl[:-( ] but whats so irritating is that its a 20 min. walk to the college….I mean aren’t hostels supposed to be inside the college campus??? But the ruddy mess is in the college campus, so for dinner one has to walk all the way to the college[I know 20 min is not much but its
very inconvenient] Anyway pune is a fantastic place to be, if only for the weather[The roads are so bad that you will get a damaged spine,if you are travelling in a vehicle!!]
Its cool with a pleasent wind, some light rain sometimes,in the night its positively cold!! Weatherwise I love this place[It’s so much better than lko….wahan to aadmi ki watt lag jati hai
:-)] This place reminds me of Birmingham, the weather is the same & so is the terrain….all hilly…up &down…esp. where I am staying[Kothrud]. Isleye I cant buy a cycle…my college is located on a hill & have to climb aaallll the way up!But its ok [I guess..]

Since the classes start on the 27th I have some free time, this I used & am using to “ghumo” the place a bit. This area has quite a no. of shops, esp. eateries [they are everywhere!!] but nothing major, like malls, theaters etc.[speaking for my tour radius only which
is not much as I have no means of transportation…] Thats all near the railway station….approx. 8-10 kms from here. Lots of places to visit in & around pune, so if I have some time I’ll probably go there…

Abhi tak no ragging [on my floor that is…floors 1,2,3 finished… in the line of fire….4th
floor,mine!! & to tell you truthfully I am scared….] Have made a few friends mainly in the hostel, incidently my roomate is also from lko, so some familar company.

Hope college starts off well….wish me luck ppl!!


Bravo Auxel!!

Being a supporter of auxel here are a few imp. vids concerning its progress

Intro to AUXEL

Mobile Video

AUXEL Training Session

Goofs & Spoofs……..

Hey ppl,

I guess you say “Happy Janamasthami” today , eh?[heee heee 😀] . Yesterday on the occasion of Independence Day, “Aaj Tak” news channel tested some of our MP’s G.K. They were asked simple questions pertaining to our History:

1)Full name of the Father of the Nation[Bapu]

2)Name of the composers of the National Anthem & the National Song

3)What is the origin of the “Chakra” that has been adapted into our Tiranga

Man you ppl should have seen the answers’ given!! Most of them did’nt even know the difference between National Song & National Anthem, let alone the composers!! They were like *come again*….Ok maybe Q2. was tough but what about Q1? Half of the guys went “Are woh to bapu hain unke naam se kya lena dena?” A few got the order wrong [M.G.K? no….. K.G.M?]others plainly didn’t know it. Q3. also had them completely befuddled…..When asked about their lack of knowledge, they said that a crash course should be organized with the “new” M.Ps….yeah right…..So much for the nationalism :-!

Today saw that the Rain Gods have decided to move in on Gujrat & wreck their havoc there…..the news channel questioned a citizen if they had seen the River Sabarmati so….bhara hua….before. The citizen launches into a long speech about the river level, the hopes of the ppl being destroyed, the desperation etc. etc. Then he says “Sarkar ko insab ke liye Compensations dena chahiye..” Now, nowhere did he say anything about any relief work or any help that the ppl may need he went straight to the “Compensation”. So he blames the rise of the level on the sarkar too….this has become a real pain in the neck. Anything happens they all want a compensation. This reminds me…when dad was posted in faizabad a tanker carrying methylated spirit overturned on the Highway just outside the city limits. It was night time some ppl thought it was petrol put it in their scooters, some thought it was alcohol[drinkable] & drank it. So they died…and what happens next?? The media goes “The govt. could have prevented it………should give compensation” So if a person commits suicide the govt. is responsible. Maybe the govt. should assign a caretaker to each & every person who should look out for him, right? Its so nice hain na?

Saare Gadhe Hindustaan mein hi kyun!!!!

Saare Jahan Se Achha….

On our Independence Day here are a few facts about our Country….

India, officially The Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh largest country by geographical area, the second most populous country.

Capital: New Delhi

Government: Federal Republic

President: APJ Abdul Kalam

Prime Minister:Manmohan Singh

Independence from the UK-Dominion 15 August 1947

Republic 26 January 1950

Total Area: 3287590 sq. km

Population: 1,027,015,247[2001 census]

1,103,371,000 [2005 est.]

GDP: -Total $3.633 trillion (2005 estimate)

Per capita $3,344 (2005 estimate)

National Symbols

National Flag:Tiranga

National Emblem: Sarnath Lion

National Anthem: Jana Gana Mana

National Song: Vande Matram

National Animal:Bengal Tiger

National Bird: Indian Peacock

National Flower: Lotus

National Tree: Banyan

National Fruit: Mango

National Sport: Field Hockey

National Calendar: Saka


India is the largest democratic country as it has the largest voting population in the democratic world. It operates under the Westminster parliamentary system. Legislature, Executive, Judiciary are the branches of the government.

The President of India is the Head of State, though only a ceremonial one & is indirectly elected be an “Electoral College” for 5 yrs. He is also the Supreme Commander of the Armed forces.

The Prime Minister is the head of the government & has the executive powers. The Union Council of Ministers with the PM advises the president.

In the early twentieth century, a nationwide struggle for independence was launched by the Indian National Congerss, and various revolutionary groups. The movement was largely led by Mahatma Gandhi, with Gopal Krishna Gokhle , Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak,Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel,Jawaharlal Nehru, and Subhas Chandra Bose playing important roles. Millions of protestors would engage in mass campaigns of civil disobedience with a commitment to ahimsa or non-violence. Finally, on 15 August 1947 India gained independence from British rule. Three years later, on 26 January 1950, India chose to be a republic, and a new Constitution came into effect.

Since independence, India has seen sectarian violence and insurgencies in various parts of the country, but has maintained its unity and democracy. It has unresolved territorial disputes with China, which escalated into the brief Sino-Indian War in 1962; and with Pakistan, which resulted in wars in 1947,1965,1971 and in 1999 in Kargil. India is a founding member of the Non-Alogned Movement and the United Nations (as part of British India). In 1974, India conducted an underground nuclear test. This was followed by five more tests in 1998. Significant economic reforms beginning in 1991 have transformed India into one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Its been 60 yrs since independence……we have achieved a lot fighting advese conditions, but it is not enough. A lot is still left to do……..Go Go GO!!!

Lights, Camera, Action…..

Hello ppl!!
Am at my nani’s place [again :-)], & its really hot n humid here. It seems its raining
everywhere except here[not fair :-/ ]. Watching looottttsss of movies here….Nani gets tired
of telling me to go to sleep 😉 but star movies & HBO show so many movies & in between
one can switch between star world & ten sports……so options unlimited [heehee]


Saw in the news that the Kank is not doing as well as it was projected to be….well it seems
Mr.Johar messed up this time……well lets see if i go to watch it……


Anyway…read in the TOI today that the govt. playing some hiccidup with the
newly implemnted RTI act. This is really sick yaar….I mean for the first time the innocent & helpless had some sort of power to reduce corruption & get some work done[on time]. After the reservation mess the govt. could have redeemed itself by proper implementation of the RTI, but it seems they have lost it….Most importantly it could be used to keep the corrupt bosses in check, one of the main reasons for the delay etc. in the decision making. Using the RTI the juniors could keep their seniors in line. The general perception is that all bureaucrats are corrupt, but most of them do not question the decision of their bosses as they fear repercussions. This fear could have beenreduced if not eliminated, but the proposed “amendment” will make the RTI “toothless”. The govt. may as well scrap it…[:-@ gawaanr sab ke sab]

As somebody says “Bam se uda dena chahiye”……

More later ppl…too much venom right now….

Over ‘n Out

Kuch Khatta…..Kuckh Meetha

Desi Summer of 69′

I had my first real six rupees,
stole it from my father’s pants.
went to a madrasi hotel,
to eat the sambhar of 69.
Me and some kadke dost,

had it all and we caught bukhaar,
jimy puked, joey got ulcers,
and Bagga ne maari dakar.

Oh when I went back there now,
the food was as stale as ever,
and though it was 1999,
still the sambhar was being served over there,

that was the worst food of my life.

Therez no use in complaining,
when you got no other place to eat,
rushed in the evening to the doctors clinic, but he too was at the toilet seat, yeah

standing there waiting outside,
nurse told me I will wait forever,
oh and when I held my breath,
I knew that I had to use that loo there
That was the worst food of my life.

Back to the sambhar of 69


Father: I want you to marry a girl of my choice
Son: “I will choose my own bride!”
Father: “But the girl is Bill Gates’s daughter.”
Son: “Well, in that case…ok”

Next the father approaches Bill Gates.

Father: “I have a husband for your daughter.”
Bill Gates: “But my daughter is too young to marry!”
Father: “But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank.”
Bill Gates: “Ah, in that case…ok”

Finally the father goes to see the president of the World Bank.

Father: “I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president.”
President: “But I already have more vice- presidents than I need!”
Father: “But this young man is Bill Gates’s son-in-law.”
President: “Ah, in that case…ok”

This is how business is done!!

Career Song – The 8 stages

1. when in college : Hum honge kaamiyaab, Hum honge kaamiyaab ek din…..

2. when giving interview to Multi National Company: Tu hi re.. Too hi re ….tere binaaa main kaise jiyunn….

3. waiting for interview result: Intehaa ho gai Intzaarki.. aayinaaa kuch khabar mere yaarki…

4.floating the resume: kabootar ja ja ja… kabootar ja ja ja… pehele pyar ki peheli chitti…

5. just joined: Too cheez bhadi hai mast mast…..

6. after some time: Ye kahaan aagaye hum??

7. After some more time: Naa koyi umang hai, naa koyi tarang hai, mere jindagi kya ek kati Pathang hai (booohoooo)

8. finally when you don’t get a better offer any longer: Jeena yehaan, marna yehaan iske si wa jaana kahaan

Friendship Day!!

Ok time for a history lesson…August 6 is International friendship Day. Friendship Day occurs on the first Sunday of August every year.

Its a day when you can realize the true worth of your friend[though you should realize it everyday…but then aren’t we human?] Friendship is a place where dreams are nurtured, shared, celebrated, a place where happiness begins.Friendship Day gives us an opportunity to recognize the contribution our friends in make making our life all the more smooth.

The first Sunday in August was proclaimed National Friendship Day by the U.S. Congress in 1935, and remains a tradition observed in many countries and cultures. In 1997, the United Nations named Winnie the Pooh as the world’s Ambassador of Friendship.

So my friends…..

We each take different paths in life,

but no matter where we go,

we take a little of each other, everywhere

The gift of Friendship is Priceless,

especially when it comes from YOU!!

And this message is dedicated to…

Abhishek, Rajat, Hasan, Gunjan, Aindra, Siddhartha, Ankit, Shamir, Vikram, Sambhabya, Omee, Divyanshu, Anugrah, Ira, Shoiab, Kisslay,Harshil.Aashish, Manish,Pratyush bhayias……&….oh hell……All of the ppl reading this [ ;-p ]

Happy Friendship Day!!


Also it was my chota cousin bhai, Ishan’s birthday
on the the 2nd of August.He’s now 4 yrs old

Happy birthday to you!!

Right:Ishan in a Park
Below:Ishan’s Birthday Cake

Arjun Singh’s Dream?

[Recieved this as email.Written by Chaya Ganesh ]

Sun is rising as usual in the east .I am standing here outside the school, waiting for my 10 yr kid. He studies is class 2. Only this year he could get admission into the school. For the last 5 yrs admissions were closed for the general category students.

School bell rings. I can see a lot of happy children coming out of the gate, i waited for half an hour and my kid came at last after other children. Genaral students are not allowed to cross the gate unless other OBC/SC/ST students have crossed the gates.
OBC/SC/ST fathers drive away their children in classy cars. But I have to walk back home with my kid a 5 km stretch. I lost my car some years back when Govt. came with a rule that general people have to deposit a tax equal to cost of their cars . Failing which i had to sell the car.
As far as buses are concerned, the seats in buses are reserved for OBC/SC/ST . So no place there also. After walking some 5km in scorching heat i finally reached home.

It was wednesday … shit , no electricity. Every mon, wed, thu, sat is power cut in the houses of General category population . So that SC/ST/OBC can be uplifted by providing them with every opportunity and in that consideration electricity is an important factor.Its 10:00 pm in night no electricity at home.Its very hot inside the four walls of home .So i dare to step out in park with my wife and kid.

I seated myself with my family on a secluded bench in garden. It washardly 5 min .. a guard came to us strolling in the park.He asked me what caste you belong to. I said with some hesitation .. G..General. He asked me to pay a fine of Rs.200 and get out of the park. My Fault… The bench i was sitting on was meant for again the SC/ST/OBC . for their upliftment peace of mind is on essential things. So govt came with this decision to reserve benches for them.Kudos to them…

Its early in the morning …the newspaper wala just knocked the door, took the newspaper and started reading .., its independence day . i never used to forget this days some 20 yrs back. My kid hardly knows wat 15th august is,because i never told him any stories of greatness of our
country or anything realted to country.

I don’t feel like telling him the failures after freedom. On front page of newspaper, in a corner their is a news about a OBC member getting 6 months impriosonment in “BAL SUDHAR GRAHA” from a juvenile court for murdering and raping a six year old girl .Yes the rules
have been amended ,since the last 5 years.The Culprit was a 25 year old OBC so
age relaxation was provided for trial of crime. So he was taken to juvenile court, since there is an age relaxation for OBC/SC/ST.

About 11 am some one gave me the BAD news about demise of one of my neighbour and friend Mr.Mehta. I went to his house for condolence next day, his body was lying there still rotting in the heat.I asked his son about the Cremation. His son told me “Many reserved category have diedyesterday so we are not getting entry to creamtion ground ” . This rule is the latest from Govt.Where the seats in creamtion ground will be reserved for SC/ST/OBC for their upliftment. Finally next day Mehta ji wascreamted. i could see sun seeting through the Flames burning alibarated Body, liberated from caste n creed. I was surprised sun still sets in the west.?

It was about 9 pm , i was about to sleep in my bed my son came to me with innocence in his eyes , inquisitively he asked me the question what is reservation?i asked him where u listened that he suddenly burst in tears .. i asked him to keep..quietBut i could listenthrough his sobs “mujhe bhi reservation chahiye (i too want reservation)”. How can i convince him its no other toy in the market i can get for him? He kept cryin that night, claiming many of “his classmates have got reservation”.To make him quiet i said ok , ill buy you reservation at your next B’day.HOPE he understands the bloody concept soon .

Bye Bye India


Seems to be exactly what’s been planned……

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