Lights, Camera, Action…..

Hello ppl!!
Am at my nani’s place [again :-)], & its really hot n humid here. It seems its raining
everywhere except here[not fair :-/ ]. Watching looottttsss of movies here….Nani gets tired
of telling me to go to sleep 😉 but star movies & HBO show so many movies & in between
one can switch between star world & ten sports……so options unlimited [heehee]


Saw in the news that the Kank is not doing as well as it was projected to be….well it seems
Mr.Johar messed up this time……well lets see if i go to watch it……


Anyway…read in the TOI today that the govt. playing some hiccidup with the
newly implemnted RTI act. This is really sick yaar….I mean for the first time the innocent & helpless had some sort of power to reduce corruption & get some work done[on time]. After the reservation mess the govt. could have redeemed itself by proper implementation of the RTI, but it seems they have lost it….Most importantly it could be used to keep the corrupt bosses in check, one of the main reasons for the delay etc. in the decision making. Using the RTI the juniors could keep their seniors in line. The general perception is that all bureaucrats are corrupt, but most of them do not question the decision of their bosses as they fear repercussions. This fear could have beenreduced if not eliminated, but the proposed “amendment” will make the RTI “toothless”. The govt. may as well scrap it…[:-@ gawaanr sab ke sab]

As somebody says “Bam se uda dena chahiye”……

More later ppl…too much venom right now….

Over ‘n Out


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