Goofs & Spoofs……..

Hey ppl,

I guess you say “Happy Janamasthami” today , eh?[heee heee 😀] . Yesterday on the occasion of Independence Day, “Aaj Tak” news channel tested some of our MP’s G.K. They were asked simple questions pertaining to our History:

1)Full name of the Father of the Nation[Bapu]

2)Name of the composers of the National Anthem & the National Song

3)What is the origin of the “Chakra” that has been adapted into our Tiranga

Man you ppl should have seen the answers’ given!! Most of them did’nt even know the difference between National Song & National Anthem, let alone the composers!! They were like *come again*….Ok maybe Q2. was tough but what about Q1? Half of the guys went “Are woh to bapu hain unke naam se kya lena dena?” A few got the order wrong [M.G.K? no….. K.G.M?]others plainly didn’t know it. Q3. also had them completely befuddled…..When asked about their lack of knowledge, they said that a crash course should be organized with the “new” M.Ps….yeah right…..So much for the nationalism :-!

Today saw that the Rain Gods have decided to move in on Gujrat & wreck their havoc there…..the news channel questioned a citizen if they had seen the River Sabarmati so….bhara hua….before. The citizen launches into a long speech about the river level, the hopes of the ppl being destroyed, the desperation etc. etc. Then he says “Sarkar ko insab ke liye Compensations dena chahiye..” Now, nowhere did he say anything about any relief work or any help that the ppl may need he went straight to the “Compensation”. So he blames the rise of the level on the sarkar too….this has become a real pain in the neck. Anything happens they all want a compensation. This reminds me…when dad was posted in faizabad a tanker carrying methylated spirit overturned on the Highway just outside the city limits. It was night time some ppl thought it was petrol put it in their scooters, some thought it was alcohol[drinkable] & drank it. So they died…and what happens next?? The media goes “The govt. could have prevented it………should give compensation” So if a person commits suicide the govt. is responsible. Maybe the govt. should assign a caretaker to each & every person who should look out for him, right? Its so nice hain na?

Saare Gadhe Hindustaan mein hi kyun!!!!


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