Pune mein Ghume!

Hey ppl!!,
Have taken admission in MIT with Mech. Engg. isleye kai dino se kuch nahi likha[moving into the hostel,buying the essentials etc. etc…..]On the 25th we had our orientation of the college, its quite good. The classes will begin on the 27th. Living in the hostel for the 1st yr.will move into private jagah next yr.The hostel is strictly OK[but arent they all :-D] sharing is between 4 ppl[:-( ] but whats so irritating is that its a 20 min. walk to the college….I mean aren’t hostels supposed to be inside the college campus??? But the ruddy mess is in the college campus, so for dinner one has to walk all the way to the college[I know 20 min is not much but its
very inconvenient] Anyway pune is a fantastic place to be, if only for the weather[The roads are so bad that you will get a damaged spine,if you are travelling in a vehicle!!]
Its cool with a pleasent wind, some light rain sometimes,in the night its positively cold!! Weatherwise I love this place[It’s so much better than lko….wahan to aadmi ki watt lag jati hai
:-)] This place reminds me of Birmingham, the weather is the same & so is the terrain….all hilly…up &down…esp. where I am staying[Kothrud]. Isleye I cant buy a cycle…my college is located on a hill & have to climb aaallll the way up!But its ok [I guess..]

Since the classes start on the 27th I have some free time, this I used & am using to “ghumo” the place a bit. This area has quite a no. of shops, esp. eateries [they are everywhere!!] but nothing major, like malls, theaters etc.[speaking for my tour radius only which
is not much as I have no means of transportation…] Thats all near the railway station….approx. 8-10 kms from here. Lots of places to visit in & around pune, so if I have some time I’ll probably go there…

Abhi tak no ragging [on my floor that is…floors 1,2,3 finished…..next in the line of fire….4th
floor,mine!! & to tell you truthfully I am scared….] Have made a few friends mainly in the hostel, incidently my roomate is also from lko, so some familar company.

Hope college starts off well….wish me luck ppl!!


One response to “Pune mein Ghume!

  1. Raam Pyari August 26, 2006 at 5:27 PM

    ‘nzoi the next four years..make loads of frnds…study hard, party harder types!

    Remembr colg days are the best days…so make the best of ’em!

    and yess!
    best fo luck!

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