Pune-Part 2

It was my mums B’day on the 3rd & my bro’s on the 1st. And i like a complete louse forgot to wish my mum *bangs his head on the wall*….Can you believe this!!! Man…….kya gira hua insaan hoon

[hoping i’ll be forgiven, & no I did not forget my bro’s-Ranjan bhayioa]

Its been quite sometime since I blogged, actually I was watiting for my coll ID card so that I could use the coll net [Its free na :-D] but the card is not going to appear anytime soon so….
Anyways the studies have started & the first weeks past, nothing much only intro to the subj. did phy practicals, sat in the lectures etc. etc.
Some of the lectures are really boring yaar-Civil & Electrical…..mebbe its the teachers…they both just dictate- no explanation no nothing ppl. Why is it that the teachers ask questions first….I mean yaar obviously I don’t know the subject thats why i’ve come here[to learn] They start of with what do you mean by civil engg.? What is foundation engg.? what is the rate of cement in the market? Hell am I supposed to know the answers to all the questions, you teach then ask all the questions you want to….its very irritatingNot much load of studies right now, but will probably get swamped this week!!
The campus is good, a bit hilly, but the area looks fantabulous…..i love the hara bhara look! The buildings are a bit old, but the new & old look adds to the beauty. My classes are mainlt in two classes & of course the pracs. are in the respective labs. First day bahut dhoondhna pada tha!! Found many ppl fom kota as well as from lko…even a few Mart ppl..Getting along nicely now.

Went to my bhayia’s place recently[studying in symbi] hes a real foodie & making a decison of
where to eat is a real problem, as the architect in The Matrix says ” The problem is choice” [;-)] Pune is a good place to be [after lko!!] Not going out much now only for college & mess [too lazy right now!!] But have taken a pass for the freshers party for this weekend, lets see how it turns out, eh?

P.S-Sorry abt the thedha images..the comp. that i was using is old and can’t open the pics in any editor

P.P.S-Also the pics are fuzzy since it was raining when I was taking the pics


2 responses to “Pune-Part 2

  1. mona September 7, 2006 at 1:26 PM

    hi losty,
    hey im also from lucknow nice to see ur space its so amazing..i dont know that blogs are so widely used…
    great day dear..

  2. Anonymous October 6, 2006 at 3:37 PM

    hi losty,
    nice pics man,keep it going

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