Chal Diye…..Mumbai Diwali Manane!

Happy Diwali to one & all!!!

Ok,I wont barbad any of my [or your] time telling you why I didnt put up anything on my pyaara sa blog itne dino se.
So right to the point
This post is just on my diwali excursion. You see for this diwali I didnt go to my hometown-nawabo ka shahar,lucknow-instead I went to Mumbai. There I visited my dads coll mate, my door ke fufaji [my dads cousin sisters husband],my bua [obviously my dads cousin sis] & my younger bro for the first time. Also I met my bade bhaiya, Shitesh after a very looonngg time.

Ok ab bilkul ‘aarder’ me chalte hain…
Missed my first bus[7:30 pm], so I left abt 12 hrs later than expected ,ie by the 6:15 am bus….[some beginning eh?] reached Navi Mumbai-N.M[CBD Belapur]at abt 9:15[ expressway par maza aa gaya,reminded me of the freeways of U.K] Got to dads friends house. That evening took a ride around N.M….its really good…atleast it seems to be coming up in a planned manner. Lots of open space, broad spacious roads…..

The next day me went to fufajis place[or rather he came to pick me up from uncles place :-)] He lives nearby-Khargar. There I meet Buaji……not much happned there….just relaxed….OH YEAH gorged on some excellent food[after the fare that the coll mess dishes out everything seems heavenly :-D….just hope I dont regain the weight that I had manged to lose *wishful look*]

Agla din happened to be apna festival of lights….but nothing very exciting, except that we blasted….no lighted [no bombs you see ;-)]a few patakas…..

The 22nd was a fun day….Shitesh bhayia came to fufajis place & it was real good to meet him since it had been a long time[prolly 6 yrs….]Chatted together to catch up as much as we could then had lunch & went off with bhayia.Raaste me he showed me mast places & gave me quite interseting info on various thingies….He lives in Powai & it took us abt 1 hr to get there[going on his bike you see]Firstly we hunted around some multiplexes to see if we coud get a ticket for the movie-Don & surprisingly did manage to get them at one. After this we cruised around the place & saw the beautiful buildings[Was constructed by some Heeranandani ppl, not sure if its the right name….you see, I have a real bad memory & this is not a joke guys, trust me :-/ ]. Brought back the memories of the time when I had gone to the Vatican City….the architecture looked quite similar, all in all it was a wonderful place

Next we went to his coll [IIT-B] to see the campus & man was I bowled over!! It was ulti fundo ppl. Apart from being huge it was absoluletly covered in phool pudhe…something that I happen to like very much. Told me mast stories of his coll days which were peppered with lots of friendly advises[You know…..I have one real advantage for my studies as well as my career-I have lots of ppl from I can take guidance, guidance that I know will be true since the concerned ppl have followed them. My elder brothers are in variour stages of studies, some in jobs.Then there are my Mama & Mami, my dad & his huge circle of collegues Hence I can draw upon experience of others which prolly help me out in all stages of my life].After this came the most jhakas thing,Go-karting!!!!! It was my first time & boy did I have fun *schumi grin* [;-D]. It was really OSSUM!!! Cant put my feelings into words here…Those of you who havent done it,if you enjoy driving, take my advise & as nike says-Just do it!
Bhayia did a bit of shopping[groceries]& we then went to his flat, where I watched a few runs of ‘Friends’. Shaam mein we got ready & went to CCD & did matargashti, passing time, basically enjoying ourselves till it was time to for the movie. Now I wont say much about the movie except that I enojyed it. I dont remember the original Don so thankfully I watched it with a free mind & did not make any comparisions. It was almost 11:30 by the time we came out & we went to ‘Nimala Lifestyle’ [or sumthing to that effect…. my memory *rueful sigh*] which is quite someplace….we had gone there to get some food but since it was almost 12, most of the places were closing down. Found one that was open[Thakurs?] BUT it was TOO EXPENSIVE. Why? ‘Coz they chaged us Rs.88 for ONE measly Parantha!![OK it was a paneer parantha,generously filled but 88 was a bit too much yaar] Kha kar we went back to bhayias place & so ended one of the best days…

Agli subah bhayia went with me back to fufajis palce…on the lifeline of Mumbai-thats right the, the train service. Bilkul ‘feel’ aa gayi!

Well then I packed all my belongings & went to the bus-stop, caught that first one that came my way & reached my hostel exactly at 1:30 on the 23rd of October.

I really enjoyed my trip to Mumbai & now since I’m in Pune for 4 yrs I will definitely be coming here lots
Happy Diwali again ppl…oh & Id Mubarak too!!!

BTW got some songs from my friend, have any of you heard Breaking Benjamin-The Diary of Jane? Its quite good!Check it out, if you can…



2 responses to “Chal Diye…..Mumbai Diwali Manane!

  1. Anonymous November 16, 2006 at 11:21 AM

    hi, … BTW of songs, i found your earlier post via blogsearch where you wrote about Jal and the song “Panchi” would it be possible :)) if you translate it for me

    Panchi hoon, urnay do, urney do; hawaon se larney do,
    Rastay galian, chor aaya mein; Bhoolay waaday tor chala main
    Yeh raat abhi, dhal jaye gee; yeh baat abhi, badal jaye gee
    Tanha hoon, rehnay do; rehnay do; ansoo hoon behnay do, behnay do

    funny request, i know, but could not find english translation anywhere … oh … better wont say more :))



    by accident but was realy nice to read about your diwali 🙂

  2. Losty November 18, 2006 at 6:29 AM

    Tried to make the translation as accuratly as possible,its not literal, but according to the context ….

    “Panchi hoon, urnay do, urney do; hawaon se larney do”

    Translation-I am a bird, let me fly,let me fly,let me struggle(or fight) with the winds,

    “Rastay galian, chor aaya mein; Bhoolay waaday tor chala main”

    Translation-Streets ,paths, I have left behind,
    Forgotten promises I have broken,

    “Yeh raat abhi, dhal jaye gee; yeh baat abhi, badal jaye gee”

    Translation-This night will fall,all this will change

    Tanha hoon, rehnay do; rehnay do; Translation-I am pining[meaning of tanha..], Let me

    “ansoo hoon behnay do, behnay do”

    Translation-I am the tears, let me flow, let me flow

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