It happens only in India :-@

Hey ppl!

I was glad to see that the accused in Matto’s case, Santosh Singh has been handed a verdict…even though the punishment is not enough for such a crime…[Santosh’s council stated that since santosh did not have a criminal background, he could be ‘rehabilitated’…just think abt it..if a person commits a crime he should be let off since he can be rehabilitated!! What about the punishment? Thankfully the panel was firm….]

On the flipside we have rumors that Mr.Abu Salem is going to contest for elections[Mubarakpur segment of Azamagarh district in the forthcoming assembly polls].This is just what the doctor ordered for all terrorists…ek bada sa bam fodo…get arrested..appeal to political parties….voila!! You have a ticket to freedom & what a ticket!!!You get to rule over ppl who have been trying to get you convicted for ages. Then from within you can leisurely destroy the country…So very convenient[even easier than stealing candy from a baby]

Shaabash India…Lage Raho…Salem bhai


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