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Another feather in Mum’s cap!!


Many of you may not know but my mum is real allrounder, no not a sportsperson but in the field of art, & that too stretching it to the limits…She’s a superb painter[with knowledge, both theoretical as well as practical in most of the types],excellent sketcher,jhakas cook [proof??my weight!! :-D]

Currently she is employed is Sulabh International as an advisor, apart from that she publishes a magazine called “Kala Dirgha”[Bilingual, half yearly periodical], runs an art gallery-Virgo’s Art Gallery, does freelancing in Interior Designing[come & see my home at lucknow!!], is the director or foundng head of an NGO-Utkarsh Pratishthan[Its an academy of arts…if you can call it so, classes are held for painting, dancing, sculpturing, cooking, singing……& God knows what not].

It started off just as a hobby, making paintings etc.[that are beautifully sajoed all over our ghar], added cooking to that & started classes for these two. The things started to pile up & now she employed overtime!!

For the last 4 yrs [twice yearly…]she has been conducting exhibitions all over the place -Lucknow, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, London….hell cant even recall them places!!

She held an exhibition from the 1st of November to the 5th in Patna[its her birthplace] where apart from the usual display of art forms she also got the latest edition of her magazine-Kala Dirgha-released, by Mr.Jatin Das[father of Nandita Das]& this post here is to cheer for its success

Three Cheers for Mum…..
Hip Hip..Hurray……….
Hip Hip..Hurray…..
Hip Hip..Hurray…

Dont stop Mummy,you are amazing

Coverage by one of the media sites:

Dozens of artists from around the country gathered at the Art College of Patna on Tuesday at an exhibition organized by the Virgo Art Gallery where noted painter Jatin Das released the magazine ‘Kala Dirgha’ while also wowing young boys and girls with his on-the-spot artwork.

Amidst the presence of nearly three dozen artists, Das lamented the decline in interest in Hindi language books and magazines. “It’s a shame that a lot of people don’t read or understand our national language otherwise this magazine would be even more popular across the country than what it is already,” Das said.

He, however, expressed his satisfaction over the popularity of the magazine outside India. “The magazine has carved a special place among Indians living abroad and that, in turn, has popularized Indian art in those places,” Das said.

Das also drew applause for a painting he did to attract youths into the field of art.

Veteran artists like Anil Kumar Sinha and Lucknow’s Anju Sinha were also present on the occasion.

Complete Coverage

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