Oh the games ppl play!!

Madness……..Pure Maddening Madeness

This is what’s been going on for the past two weeks in my life….The sem has ended[officially that is *sigh*] & the submission date is coming up, & as expected the profs are showing us [rather trying VERY hard]whos’s boss.
Making us run all over the place to get those stupid…senseless…mindnumbing [running out of adjectives here…hope you got the idea]journals certified, i.e get them to somehow put their oh-so-precious-signatures on my unworthy file[read ‘journal’, actually its just a sarkari looking file but instead of ‘Bharat Sarkar’ or some crap it has “MIT blah, blah,blah…” written in BIG BOLD Letters]
The looks on the profs faces…God you would’nt have imagined that these old geesers could have such an array of expressions at their disposal. Hell cant even describe them!!

Anyways to sum up-The Profs are giving us a hard time by being ‘not available’ to us students & us students having to find them….God one would think they were too old for the cat & mouse game….really, so immature!!


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