Exams+New Year=Ultimate Dhamaka!

Hey wishing all you ppl out there a merry[though belated :-)] Christmas along with a rocking new year

Exams are just about to dhao their kehar on me and everbody in MIT 1st yr [2006]. They are starting from the 2nd of Jan of 2007….What a way to usher in the new year!!Bilkul Dhamake ke saaath,eh? Padhi started on the 20th of Dec. that too due to my pyaare roommates, who had begun to give me an inferority complex studying all the time.[Shifu bhai stays throughout the night in coll, studying]

Anyway having some feel good si pheeling now that I managed to cover a lot in these 9 days.The whole atmosphere has changed in the hostel, no more shor sharaba…no need of Patil[watchman, who keeps shouting in his thunderbird voice-aee shor mat karo..gaana band karo…dheere haso..blah blah….sheesh man! bl**dy depressed sadist]. Pehle there used to be lots of masti[bilkul show chalta tha-23hrs -0100 hrs, fultoo legpulling,jokes]etc. almost daily, now all have become *sigh* padhaku.

Damn even I’m supposed yo be studying instead of sitting in the coll IC & tapping away…Wish me luck for my exams


Happy New Year Again!


One response to “Exams+New Year=Ultimate Dhamaka!

  1. Aastha February 9, 2007 at 5:24 PM

    luks lik havin lozzof fun haan…

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