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College Vids/Pics

Gathering Vids
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Participant singing “Bijuria”

Participant singing “Neele Neele Ambar pe”

Participant singing “Khaike Paan Banaras wala”

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Back from the DEAD!!

Ok ppl I am not dead as you all might have thought since no posts were coming up. Just feeling too lazy to go to the coll’s IC[no dears not the intensive care….its the Internet Center!] apart from the fact that i was highly bored with life. But lots of things happened in the past week making me perk up & stand up on my toes [despite my considerable weight ;-D]

This week we had our College Festival [C.F] which was a lot of fun.
The 4th was coll’s Traditional Day, unfortunatelyI had nothing to wear to it…so cursing at my coll for not having informed me earlier [i mean why doesen’t our college have a college calender type of thing?? Lots of events take place but you know about them only when they have already passed….
For eg: “Hey did you see the techfest thing the day before?”
Me,”Huh? What techfest…when was it announced?…Registration?What did you have to do in it??”……..question, questions & more questions. Really man!! There is no fixed notice board for such things….somtimes on the Mech Dept. sometimes in E & TC, or comp. etc. How many notice boards will a student check daily?] I went shopping. God what an experience!! Never in my life had I bought any clothes without either my mum/sis/grandma being present helping poor me in matching colours, & all the brouhaha that is generally associated with ‘kapde ki khredari’. This time I was literally at sea among the clothes…my head was spinning….had trouble breathing….the shop started to close around me…darkness every where….HELP!!

umm…maybe that was a bit too melodramatic….but thats approx. what had happened to me. Main bechara halaal ho gaya….sigh…bought a maroon kurta-pyjama set for Rs.625 [mum later told me that it was VERY expensive, but atelast had something to wear yaarr..]

Anyway had lots of fun in college [will post the pics tomorrow]….most of the ppl in coll were in traditional outfits & it was really colourful…The girls were mostly in saares & the boys mainly in kurtas, but the real deal was ppl wearing real traditional dresses….like true Rajasthani/Bengali/Kerelait type clothes, right from the topi to the chappals. Truse diversity of India was really in MIT that day

Tuesday[6th] was the Gathering for the whole of MIT & me having signed up for volunteer was there throughout managing things with our seniors. We had the Orchestra, Felicitation functions, Skits etc. It was real good

Wednesday[7th] we were to have a maha-luch for all FE-SE-TE-BE+staff etc which was a real headache to manage but went off well. In the evening we again had dances & plays.
The last play was by the outgoing batch & it really struck a chord in our hearts….seriously aankhe bhar aai thi… was damn good yaar

Now its all finished but the regular Engg. coll work ie writeups/assignments/tests are coming up so ab bore hone ka no time….

The pics of the Fest should be up by tomorrow….have a look

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