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What are you good for,Absolutely nothing…..

Seems most of the teachers in th college are prejudiced against our division….why I have no idea. We are not any worse than the others, dont pareshan the teachers any more than the teacher do[ thoda sa to chalta hai right ;-D & badla bhi lena padta hai] Many of my friends from the other div. tell me what all they do…compared ro them we are chweet angels!!!

This post is specifically for our maths teacher Ma’am Barkha. She teaches ok but blows her top real fast & real bad…You dont need much to make her go on a long parvachan about how careless we are how much[rather how little ] we pay attention…blah…blah…blah…blah

Take yesterday….we had our class after workshop, where we had been baking in the hot afternoon sun for 2hrs. came to class all tired,sleepy & she did help on bit by starting & continuing in her monotonous voice. Somehow we held up for abt 1 hr but she continued even after the bell rang. Now thats really testing the limits of 88 [ok make it 70 not all were attending…..lucky guys] ppl, so obviously some talking started, mind you not loud as such…just a bit[fcae it yaar we are not some sants/rishiswho will sit mum for a whole hr!!]


Off she goes….& God this time she really went on…bohat ho gaya…..ab main kisi ko bhi thapad maar dongie……phir jaise bhi dekhna ho dekh lena…..managment ke saamne ya college ke baad….. & all such crap….

man would sombody tell us what we did??

As it is 95% lectures are boring, & we have to keep facing such sh*t from most of them….really tiring. Apart from all the parvachans, she takes out her anger [of what??] by giving us loads of homework which we cannot possibly do without compromising something else, which is really sick of her since as it is we are all loaded with useless formatilies of the college…
Its not fair yaar…….

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