Why the Bias dear??

I have been in pune for almost a year now & from approx. 2 months back I have come to despise the radio channel-Radio Mirchi, 98.3 FM-with every fibre of my being….

1) They play crap songs
2)Limited track lists, LOADS of repeats
3)KILOS of adverts.
4)incessant bak-bak of pure nonsense
5)95% of the bak-bak in MARATHI

For the first four charges, OK can be handled [BUT that too,up to a limit only]
but for the 5th charge the should be hung by their freaking cables in their studios…OK this is Maharashtra, speak marathi I will not complain…but have atleast some teeny-weeny sa consideration for the non-marathi speaking public!! I mean radio is a public domain…. you can speak marathi, but sirf marathi??

You know, if I had enough money I would pack the whole RM of pune & leave them stranded in timbutktu or some ghoulish place,surrounded by the local natives….lets see how they like being jabbered at in a tongue they cannot comprehend, 24×7

My grudge is that earlier it was OK…All speech was an even mixture of Hindi/English/Marathi…of which I happen to understand the first two….so using my IQ,average though it may be, I could easily know what the chattering was all about…..but from the past two months there has been a Marathi overload!!KYON

They start of with Hindi…mebbe the first or the second word, then a couple of sentences in chaingun like marathi [By chain gun I am referring to the rate of fire as well as the damage sustained] with a couple of words in English sprinking like rare spices

Would those dimwitted, amoeba-IQ’d, suffrables kindly EXPLAIN to this poor non-marathi speaking [apart from the Eekre,Teekre,Thamba,Chala] how in the name of all the 257 Great Indian Gods am I supposed to understands even the tiniest fraction of the iota of what the say???

Sometimes I feel that the radio station is being held hostage by those stupid dumbos of the Shiv Sena outfit…forcing their oh-so-precious “Jai Maharashtra” on everyone….Why are them ppl so insecure??I know many are scared that the influx of so many Non-Maharashtrians might make Pune-the last bastion of The Maratha-into a multi-ethinic duplicate of Mumbai, but is this the way to protect it???By forcing it down ppl’s throat….thats what their attitude suggests

I come from Lucknow…Even Lucknow’s famous tehzeebz culture is on the decline, but do we go around forcing ppl to act as in the old? No dear, we make the ppl aware of the fact & the citizens try to bring it back…the only hurdle is the anti-social extremist who shouts, & thats it. Just shouts creating turmoil & destroying the fabric of harmony

Nobody is averse to learning a new language, imbibing virtues of a different culture…But force somebody & you will turn their backs up, instigate them, bringing out the hate. And then you will condemn the acts done due to the hatred YOU yourself brought upon & cast ppl in to a mould…

Take me for example or even my non marathi speaking friends….we used to make concious effort to learn new words in marathi, enjoy marathi festivals, not beacuse we had to, but just because we liked it.. but after almost a year of being treated like outsiders, we have come detest the language & the ppl speaking it…. Kya faeda hua??

*sigh* Look what happened…I had started out to speak out against RM but instead I embarked on a long crusade against MAHARASHRTA….

“Mark my words boy mark them well…”

Beware the Darkness that creeps into your soul….

Thoda soocho yarr…


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