Somewhere I Belong-1

Hum wapas aa gaye, GHAR!!

FLASHBACK:Well exams ended on the 18th, packed up to leave the hostel[nostalgic as I was, was really elated to leave that murgi ka pinjra behind!].Well hope that Room 403 will remain as famous as it was for the last 2 sems.Have taken up a flat with four of my friends who lived in the adjacent rooms in the hostel-Raghav,Anuj,Hemant…thats three…..chauth kaun….OH Yeah thats me 🙂 .So its Raghav,Anuj, Aditya, Hemant makeing it RAAH[uh..dont read it backwards please]. Packed all my belongings[which was a real headache] & moved all of it to the flat.Uske baad went for a night out…saw a movie[Fantastic Four] went out to eat..& then went back to the hostel. All walking as none of us have a bike & the autoguys fleece your skin off at that time of the night…errr morning [was about 5 am of the 19th]

Anyway the hostel guard dikhaowd attitude[as always..duh] but who gave a damn man!!Coll was over had nothing to do, so we were like, “Theek hai yaar yahin so jaate hain,kya farak padta hai,do ghante mein gate khul jayega” & lay down on the table adjacent to the guard.The poor guy was real mad :-D, saal mein prolly first time tha ki uski koi aukaat nahi thi!Haah every dog has his day! Bichara….opened the gate grumbling 😉

Had planned to sleep, but on the way up heard noise from Jassi’s room [dont worry, its not a girl, just jaswindar!Boys hostel mein ladki…would be eaten alive!]. Room mein gaye toh the guy was watching movies on his lappy. Well toh pir kya me sat there, while the rest ofthe ppl went off to sleep.subah tak movie dekhi[subah meaning sunrise, it was already morning when we came to the hostel!!] tab room par ja ke slept for about 2 hrs.

Anuj dear had to get some bank work done & as me had nothing better to do went along with him. All done, came back to hostel to wind up things as my train to Delhi was at5:40pm.
*sigh* phir sab ko see-off[is the spelling right??] kara & finally alvida kehne ka time aagaya.Kuch bhi kaho yaar…you do get attached to even the crappiest of places when you have lived there for 1 yr. I really would miss the bustle of the hostel, the late night masti, cold water from the hot water tap, the slow creaky fan, the irrritating drilling on the top of my head, the everready helpers [in studies as well as with cash ;-)],the super gossips, the stories of ppl’s crushes, consoling heart broken mates, staying up late completing[rather, copying :-D] assignments from the toppers while drinking apni tapri ki super sweet tea from our thermos..there are some things that can only be enjoyed sirf Hostel mein…..

Chalo….went to the station, got on the train & started the long journery to New Delhi…..


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