Somewhere I Belong-4

Right, today something happend thats worth writing here….
My friend had dropped by to have a chat but insisted that we do all the chatting outside, while walking. So out we went. As I was stepping out of the house I noticed a cute sa dog being walked by a girl. The doggie was a cocker & completley black

Me-“Arre look another cocker in the neighbourhood & same colour as mine”
Friend-“Arre han!”

And with that we turned around, started walking+chatting. Went around the block & about 20mins later again saw the doggie with its malkinni.

Me-“hey it even walks like my dog!!”
Friend-“DUH, right….dude all dogs walk the same!!”

So again we walk+chat…& again we come across the cocker
Me-“hey man that dog’s collar is also blue, just like Jellys'[thats my dogs name]”
Me[apne man mein]-“Arre has that girl stolen jelly or what….”
-start to walk towards her-
Friend-“hmmm I know that girl…”
Friend-“That’s your sis na”
Me-HUH??Arrne haaan!! Tabhi toh Jelly uske saath hai!!”

[Rocking of me na :-D]


One response to “Somewhere I Belong-4

  1. the sojourn June 30, 2007 at 1:11 PM

    do you sometimes forget the address of your house too????? but this was a sweet piece.good going! keep it up.

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