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Now that I’m home, mum keeps on asking me what all food I want to gorge on before returning to my “Banwaas“[though i don’t think you can call a place like PuneBanwaas“!!].She is like,”Arre beta aur koi fav dish batao jo tumhe khaane ka man hai…”[The advantage of studying away from home-when you are return for the holidays, you are the KING….even my lil sis is put on the back burner for me….ahhh heaven :-)] But kuch yaad hi nahi aata hai….jab pune mein tha tab to loads of things khane ka plan banaya thayahan to dont remember anything….

Anyway this post is’nt on food[lovely a topic as it may be!]. The above question by mum started me thinking about all the things that are my fav. So what better place than the bloggy to put it on, what say? so here goes…


Fav band-Breaking Benjamin

Fav Song(s)- English:Here without you,Unknown Soldier,What I’ve Done

Hindi:Beete Lamhe

2.Movies:The Matrix Trilogy[OBVIOUSLY!!],

POTC-The curse of the Black Pearl

3.Gadgets: Mobile Phones:-Sony Ericsson

K850-5 Mpix…N95 has competition! Nokia may be famous is India but I would always advocate a SC…looks so…so…Elegent/stylish/classy/cool/beautiful-take you pick…Nokia look bhadda in front of them!!Great value for money SC….Nokia fleeces you naked…But the irony…No SC in my house, all nokias 😦

The k850-Its damn SEXY!!

And with its upcoming releases SC is going to beat the crap out of Nokia, who is only bothered with its so called *rolls eyes* N series-duh…whats the big deal about 3G? Its not only a Nokia patented technology, even the others have it, so why the hoopla?

P1-Short for P1000 the latest in the UIQ platform. Looks cool? Man it IS cool!

4.Cars: No good cars in the Rs-1 to 10 lakh bracket…. My choice-Honda Civic.Some car ppl!!you know,whenever I see a Civic I get goosebumps all over!! Looks absolutley fantabulous!!If I had rs.13 lakh I would buy it….Its the best looker on Indian roads[Accord is also good,but nothing as compared to the Civic]…Ultra cool & beautiful construction…. Love you Civic,muuaahh!!

But if i has aprrox.$1.2 million[hypothetically that is..] I would buy a car named “Buggati Veyron“Hell…auto enthusiasts call Supercar …The fastest car in the world,max power EVER-1000 BHP & 16 cylinders!!Two V8 engines fused innovatively to give one W16….


its an engg. marvel!!

Second Option-$452,750 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, Deadly looks, Lethal construction, superb performance & you know what… beats the Civic hands down :-D….This is one car that makes my heart beat real fast *sigh*…is this what you call love?

My dream car- Looks of the SLR & power of the Veyron!![not asking too much,am I?]

5.Bikes:No interest
6.Sport:Swimming….koi paseena nahi aata hai, isileye 😉
7.Tourist destination:Andamn & Nicobar, you cal swim to you hearts content
8.Fast food: Cheeasy cheese Pizza of Pizza Hut-ONLY OF LKO….the pizza’s that i’ve eaten in pune were ultracrap…waste of money… me on this….

to be continued…..

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