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Some Saturday!!!

This saturday was the most hilarious-in-a-weird-way day in the whole of my 2nd yr. at MIT[so now you all will know how boring it really has been….]

Well all my roomies are in Comp have their classes from 8:30 am, while I’m in Mech. & my classes are from 10:45 am.On saturday at 10:45 we have our Workshop….This is how the day proceeded:

7am Alarm sounds, hit cancel,doze off
8am Alarm sounds, hit cancel,doze off
8:30 am roomies leave….me says tata to them in my sleep.
9am Alarm sounds, hit snooze
9:10 am Alarm sounds, hit cancel….& dont get up…..BIG MISTAKE

Eyes open…something is wrong si feeling aa rahi thi…..stare bleary eyed at my wristwatch trying to deciper the dashes on the dial with my sleep-numbed mind & my blind as a bat wala eyes[specs pwr:L-4.5 R-3.5]to make out the time….

Brain says-its 10am….still 45min to coll…10 more min should do no more harm….*BIG YAWN*, roll over & get ready to go back to my lovely dream

Ek ckota sa teeny-weeny sa doubt pricks my now almost-on-hibernate-CPU….turn back to my watch…put on my specs…squint at the dial….

I to myself:”Bloody hell!!you idiot its not 10, its 11!!Shit maaan workshops gone………aww never mind ab toh late ho hi gaya hai…so ja…”

Hit the bed with a comforting thap & sit back up as fast,like poor moi is doing crunches…

I to myself:”Freaking hell!! Adhar’s workshop booklet is with you!! You have to give it to him or he’ll be royally screwed…Oh crap mann…MOVE IT!!!”

Jump off the bed, go to the wash basin:
“BRUSH!!Time kahan hain!Screw the teeth brushing & all the crap, just get to coll ASAP!!”

So pull on a pair of jeans+tee, put the boiler suit in the bag with my+Adhar’s workshop booklet, splash water on my face, run my hand through my hair, put on my Nikes.
Rush down to my bike & do the my version of “Trinity on the Ducati” scene from -Matrix Reloaded to the coll, park the bike & run to the workshop.

Relief broke out on Adhar’s face like the sun coming out of the clouds!, jab humaare darshan hue!!

So afterall I managed to attend the workshop, even though I had to kep my mouth closed throughout, & whenever I had to speak, spoke through my kerchief!!!
Oh but am not done yet!! Workshops done….go to canteen for lunch, phone rings…Its Aashay[petname by me:babes]

Babes“are yaar meri Dio puncture hai, mumbai jana hai, can you ferry me to my flat & back?
Me:“Ok…come to MITSOM parking”

so we get on my bike & off we go…
3 mins later…bike starts acting funny

Babes:”Kya hua, petrol nahi hai kya?”
Me:”*contemptuous stare* MERI bike mein petrol NAHI!!!! Abe abhi pura 2.2 liter ka usable reserve bacha hai

Switch the petrol lock to “reserve” & with full confidence open the throttle, waiting for the 150cc pulsar to roar….ahem….it barely manages a cough…thinking it to be a minor problem still keep on moving, move down the slope in neutral. Engage the gear once on level road, again open the response….Now bike starts bucking like a bull[well almost….], doing the start-stop routine…& finally dying one me…

Me[to babes]:”Get off dude let me check the petrol…”
Open the tank & shake the bike expecting to hear the chalak,chalak of the petrol
Eyes open wide in surprise…shake bike again..same result..look incredously at babes…

Me:”Petrol khatam!![…ahem!!]”
Babes:”*Raised eyebrows*”

Takes me 5min to calm down & for my brain to start to function normally…Try to call all friends with bikes…no help….all out of range or dont answer….the only petrol pump in Kothrud is abt 1.5 kms away….

Only solution:Walk to the pump, buy a bottle on the way,get the petrol, walk back, take babes to flat drop him back

So that’s exactly what we do…walk the whole way, raaste mein Bisleri khareedi, drank the whole litre of water, got the petrol & back to bike.

Finally take Babes to the flat…& now to add to my overflowing cup of woes, it starts raining

Babes packs & we are ready to leave….get on bike….start the bike & the rain starts pouring in earnest…

Me:”ama , starter toh bike ka dabaya tha, baarish kahe chaalu ho gai!!”

Now the rain had started to hurt…BAD…..& this finally proves too much for me….I started laughing…seems as if hysteria had finally caught up….The rain completely, & I really mean completely soaked me right to my….ahem…undies….

Nothing much could be done so I drove through the rain to the Volvo stop for babe’s Volvo, & the irony…..the moment I reach the intersection, Baarish-OFF…literally OFF & the whole area from the intersection is as dry as the the Thar desert….

Ppl were looking at us as if we had spawned there from some samunder or something of that sort.My jacket was fully wet, my jeans were dripping, water pouring from my cap, sandals poora clean by the rain….took out my hanky in an effort to wipe my glasses…just managed to smudge them…….Babes was better off as I had borne the brunt of the rain.
Matlab soocho….aap sadak par jaa rahe ho, achanak, do log sir se pairtak, poore bhige dhikhenge toh aap kya samjhoge??


…….Crazy, funny, weird….what do you call this day???



Popups….not the internet waladimaag ke popups!!

1.Why doesn’t it rain when I’m wearing my super warm jacket…feel so STUPID carrying the huge jacket around In the sun!!

2.Why does my roomie have to turn on the tube light with the sun lighting up our room like Christmas?

3.Why is it that my bike catches neutral when in moving traffic, but never at intersections?

4.What problem does the stupid incharge in the coll IC have with students listening to songs on their cellphones while on the net?

5.Why in the name of God can’t ppl drive with low-beams during the night?

6.Why does my phone restart EXACTLY at the moment when I need to make an urgent call?

7.Why does the old chowkidaar of our flat talk to me in rapid marathi & expect me to understand every word?

8.Why are my flatmates not ready to get a net connection?

9.Why have I not started making the MD sheets even when its due soon?

10.Why has Airtel stopped those chota recharges of Rs.20 Rs.60 etc.?

Flat Pics

Here are some pics of our flat “RAAH”





Problem with blogger….photos not being loaded…will try again later…use the link

Hamari Sawari!!


Well bahut din go gaye the aur main bahut busy tha isliye kuch likha nahi…& abhi feeling too lazy to write. But one thing that I must tell you all is that I the great have bought myself a new bike-Pulsar 150 DTSi LED-Blue[It hapens to be my Fav colour isiliye….plz dont berate me for not buying black etc.etc…] Here are a few Pics

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