Popups….not the internet waladimaag ke popups!!

1.Why doesn’t it rain when I’m wearing my super warm jacket…feel so STUPID carrying the huge jacket around In the sun!!

2.Why does my roomie have to turn on the tube light with the sun lighting up our room like Christmas?

3.Why is it that my bike catches neutral when in moving traffic, but never at intersections?

4.What problem does the stupid incharge in the coll IC have with students listening to songs on their cellphones while on the net?

5.Why in the name of God can’t ppl drive with low-beams during the night?

6.Why does my phone restart EXACTLY at the moment when I need to make an urgent call?

7.Why does the old chowkidaar of our flat talk to me in rapid marathi & expect me to understand every word?

8.Why are my flatmates not ready to get a net connection?

9.Why have I not started making the MD sheets even when its due soon?

10.Why has Airtel stopped those chota recharges of Rs.20 Rs.60 etc.?


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