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Of expenses & Nukes…..

This month I spent around Rs.8000[exclusive of rent]…that’s right, & the scary thing is that I don’t think any of it is any faaltu ka kharcha. So just to put thing in perspective here is a breakdown of my expenses:

Food:Rs 2500
Rs.25 for a thali,twice a day=Rs. 50. For a month its 50*30=1500. This is the minimum, on sundays we eat out making, it around 100.Hence, the total=500+1500=2000
Snacks etc. that we eat…take it as another 500

Flat Expense:500
Electricity bill+Bai[Cleaning+washing clothes & utensils]+Cooking gas+Daily Milk & bread etc.=Rs.500 [This is for one person….the total is Rs.2000]

Stationary:Books etc.=Rs 1000
Miscellaneous:Petrol[Rs.500],Movies[Only a couple or two on the theatre…rest on DVD’s], Cellphone topups[Rs.200] etc.=Rs 1000
Grand total=Rs.5000
This month I joined up German classes[Rs.2000]& had to fill university forms[Rs.1000], Taking it to 8000.
*sigh* in Kota I used to manage in around Rs.3000….INCLUSIVE OF RENT!!! Pune is damn expensive 😦

On another note, I just read the STOI & the ever pessimistic & pompous Shobha De’s editorial on the nuke deal.The lady goes on to criticize how the government decided to negotiate, or rather according to her force the deal on the poor unknowing ppl/allies/opposition, without any discussion.

“Instead of preparing the country through debate & discussion, it appears as if we had been presented with fait accompali. A take or leave it attitude that left several players feeling left out & deeply resentful about the exclusion. It was clumsy handling & terrible PR that led to all the angry words & accusations”

My dear, it seems that one fine weekend Manmohan Singh got a brainwave while sitting on the loo & called up Bush uncle & went,”Ama Bush, bahut bore ho raha hun lets do something exciting…..Nah me too old to hunt….I like hockey & it seems to be a rage now-a-days…oh, you dont know whats hockey?….chalo never mind I’ll send you a DVD of a movie of Sharukh Khan, called Chak De!India… no, its got nothing to do with our !ncredible India promotioional campaign…..umm lets see….yeah! how about some Nuke deal?….sounds good? Well then I’ll announce it on Monday…how is Mrs.Bush?….& congrats for your daughter’s soon-to-be marriage, I’ll send her my blessings….chal Ok, Bye.”

And Lo! We have a deal with the US thats not only giving us fuel, but also opening doors for further technological advancement.

Other nations like France,Australia, Russia are also going to help us out & so many “dual-use” materials will now be easily available. Talk about looking for a gifts in the horses mouth, eh?
Are madam a nuke deal has been in the process right from the days of Mr.Vajpayee, & has been the focal point of so many debates, even in Mr.Singh’s tenure.How can the Mr.Singh/congress carry it off alone? The fact that it has reached almost the final stage means that it must have some merit..There is no fait accompali as you put it, or some clumsy handling/terrible PR….its just frustation that a good desicion is being scuttledfor political gain, causing the outbursts from the PM. We all know that “lack of discussion” is just an excuse to hold up the deal long enough to freeze it, just as everything good in India usually is. Everybody has his/her own vested interests
Congress:-Image boost + help in next elections
BJP:-Proper foothold for launching attack on the government. No problems when it was brokering the deal, but now that their opponents are, they have a supersized bumble bee in their Gandhi topis
Left:-The usual moral preaching & the well-wisher act to achieve own ends.Capitalism abound in its own home-ground but hum toh videshiyon se madad nahi le sakte, woh humpar apna hukum chalayenge. Grow up old men, Its not the 80’s anymore!!Its never going to get a majority so it’ll always form a coalation & oppose anything that will keep them in the limelight.

Out of the three I’d take the UPA any day as it seems to be the best for me.
Such hypocrisy….you pull down the PM for being a spineless lameduck & brand him Sonia’s boy toy.If he stands & asserts himsel, pull him down for being a dictator. What do you want him to do? Discussions are good, but only if they lead to some action & not stagnation.

We have around one month to decide, for or against. Discuss all that you want, but decide, & on the basis of sound arguments, not on whims or egos. Please, how about putting the country first his time?

And as for Shobha aunty, being a little optimistic in your articles would not hurt, would it? I know the condition of our country is far from rosy….show us our dark side by all means, but give ideas to change them…a silver lining. After all the world survives on hope…..

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