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Of Music & Firangs….

Have been listening to loads of songs these days…why?Borrowed a friend’s 2.1 speakers , thats why 😀

I loved Sum 41 ka two albums “Chuck” & “All Killer No Filler” absolutely rocking!!Give them a try

-No reason
-Some Say
-There’s No solutin
-Open your eyes

-Heart Attack
-In Too Deep

Linkin Park~Minutes to Midnight:
-Given Up
-In Pieces
-Valentine’s Day
-No more Sorrows
-What I’ve Done

Avril~The Best Damn Thing:
-When you’re Gone
-Keep holong on
-I Can Do better
-Everything back but you

Some other good ones:

-When September Ends:Greenday
-Hold On:Good Charlotte

Basically these are my current favs…..


On another note:
If any of you have seen my Orkut Album you’ll see the foll pics:

I I have an aversion to firangs….by firangs I mean The British…Dont ask me why but I just do…

The Irony[note the Capital ‘I’] is that out of all Hollywood actress I like, a majority are……yep, FIRANGS!!

Rachel Weisz,Kate Beckinsale,Keira Knightley *sigh*
such beauties, but also firangs…..[WHY :-@]

My friends just can’t stop ribbing me abt them!

Meebe I should start liking firangs…..or can I like just like some selected ones?[*sniff sniff* somebode smell hypocrisy?!]

Kate looks super cute in Click[the adam sandler wali movie]
Loved Knightley in Pirates
& Rachel in Constantine…

Damn!! Why is life so difficult?

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