Ghar ke liye kuch bhi !

No updates for months eh? Reasons:
1)Nothing much was happening in my life
2)Exams were almost there
4)But most importanty….too lazy 🙂

…..Aisa thode hi na hota hai ki net par baithe aur kuch likhne ka idea aajaega…kyon right na?
Chalo whatever…My exams are done…dont ask me kaisa gaya, bas khatamj ho gaya 🙂

The journey home was pura vahiyaad….My train was on the 23rd from Nashik Rd. so had to leave pune on the 23rd morning at 6:00 for Nashik.This is how it began:

Did not hear the alarm I had set for 4:30 but my body clock woke me up at 4:31[fundoo na]….brush karne gaya, toh no water! Ab bina nahaye dhoye kaise jaata!! Anyway this had kicked my sleep induced brain into action & me rememberd that there is a supply tap in the parkingof our apartment. So took two baalties & bikul hostel ishtayle mein went down two fill them…Anyhow managed to get ready by 5:15, woke anuj & was off to shivaji nagar by 5:30. Had to catch a bus from SN for Nashik at 6…which like everything in India started off late. Again , the stupid train too was late. Wahan pahuch ke pata chala ki ticket confirm nahi tha….nice eh?So belligerent me stomped onto the train thinking ki ghar to jaana hi hai….aur AC ka ticket hai to AC mein hi jaoonga. Got hold of an empty seat,pushed in my luggage[did’nt have much anyway] & hoped this seat would remain empty for as long as possible. The uncle alongside was pretty nice, he was travelling with his family & all were quite me stuck with them. Seat milne ki koi ummeed nahi thi…the TT refused my request point blank. So I kept hopping around in the AC compartment, sitting on any seat that I would find empty. Spent half the night sleeping in the seat above the TT, who woke me up,pretty rudely, at jhansi as the seat ka passenger had arrived[Had a nice tiff with the TT for his rudeness, the stupid git]. uske baad spent the remaining night sitting up…..
Toh is tarah latak kar got to lko….& you know what? It was totally worth it!!


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