obsessed? Nah…just just too good!

I was watching OSO[again]. This must be the 75th time that I have watched it…..no not the whole thing…just parts of it….parts containg Ms. Padukone 😉 [Is it me or is she getting khoobsoorat by the day!]
I just loooove the scene where she comes onto the screen for the first time….the movie premiere wala time. Damn, she even makes that ganda wala pink she’s wearing look beautiful!! And you know whats even better? The K.K song playing, esp. the line “Teri nazron dil kiya jo hashar yeh hua ,ab inme hi doob ke hojaun paar yahi hai dua”. This line + the look she gives….Kaatil!!

Here are my fav scenes from the movi[feat. Ms. Padukone]:
->The Movi Premiere entrance-“Ek chutki sindoor” dialoge.
->Dhoom tana song.
->The end of the Dhoom tana Song, when Om & Pappu start jumping around & Padukone sees them…the smile again!!
->At the end of the fake shooting of “Mind It” when Om asks shanti if she’s getting bored & she makes that cute cluck & says”Bilkul Nahi”.
->At the beginning of the song “Main Agar Kahoon” when she lifts her Burkha.

….cant seem to get enough of her!!


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