All good things come to an end…well this was one end I did not want for it. The “it” I refer to is…or rather was… my trusty old Nokia 7710.Its essence[the touch screen] cracked rendering it paralyzed. It was with me for almost 3yrs. & I had planned to graduate with it in my pocket, but it was’nt meant to be.

Ok, the phone was very big,heavy,clumsy,quirky…due to it, many-a-time I did not carry my wallet with me. It used to hang when I needed to use it urgently, would not read the memory card when I wanted to listen to songs…but it was unique[maybe because the production stopped after 6 months of launch of the set :)], ppl were curious about my cell & downright amazed by the screen size

*sigh* no more wonderous stares…

Like a week back, after many days I had started to surf the net, looking for new phones on the market…just for fun[The phone was fine that time….]. Later I changed my number & the phone started giving me problems…Was it destined that I was to loose my phone?

So a it happened a couple of days later. At first I thought it was a strand of hair…tried to pick it up but obviously could’nt…Then I thought maybe it was a scratch,not a problem as I had a scratch guard. Tried using the phone but the touchscreen respond…it was then that I knew .

So now:
-I cannot dial numbers as the dialer is virtual…ie it appears on the screen & yuu have to tap in the number.
-I cannot type messages,again virtual keyboard.
-Cannot tap the most imp. thing, the OK buttons in the menus.

It means that the phone is paralyzed…I can receive calls & make calls to only those number that are in my saved in my phone. Nearly useless 😦

So I had to buy a new phone & ironically, the looking up I had done before the incident paid off. I bought Sony Ericsson’s W660i[black]. Nice small, very light, simple phone. I wanted a small phone as I was really tired of lugging around my huge old phone. Its a Walkman series with 2 MP camera & looks extremely good[typical sony :)]

I don’t know whether to be happy that I got a new phone or sad to loose my old one…Its a catch 22 situation.

I wanted a new phone but not the expense of my old phone becoming useless….


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