The world was watching in 1972 as 11 Israeli athletes were murdered at the Munich Olympics. This is the story of what happened next.

Eleven Israeli athletes are taken hostage and murdered by a Palestinian terrorist group known as Black September. In retaliation, the Israeli government recruits a group of Mossad agents to track down and execute those responsible for the attack.
A team of five gathers in Switzerland led by Avner[Eric Bana], a low-level Mossad techie It’s an expendable team, but relying on paid informants, they track and kill several in Europe and Lebanon. They must constantly look over their shoulders for the CIA, KGB, PLO, and their own sources. As the body count mounts — with retribution following retribution — so do questions, doubts, and sleepless nights. What does it mean to be a Jew?

Cast-Erich Bana,Daniel Craig, Hanns Zischler, Mathieu Kassovitz, Ciaran Hinds
Director-Steven Spielberg
Awards- Nominated for 5 Oscars. Another 6 wins & 21 nominations.

Its a different movie…in the sense its not just mindless revenge bots let loose by Mossad[Who incidentally are famous for their eye for an eye funda….] & their fanatic sense of justice. It shows the burden of a man who sets out to serve his country but is assailed by doubts….He starts questioning the the directives & their usefullnes. Is all the bloodshed justified? Revenge at what cost? His actions spawn further violence against Israel. In the end you know that the buck has to stop somewhere…tit for tat will leave you with nothing…

Bana portrays the befuddled recruit, jittery assassin, cool planner, ballsy negotiator perfectly. He is well supported by craig as the angry patriot out for blood.

Was not sure I would like it, but it was definitely worth the watch. very serious movie…not a time pass type…must be in the mood for something deep. GThough you may want to take sides, just get lost in the hopelessness of it all. You can feel the futility, feel like the movie was a waste of time, but is a real conflict in the world, and you just feel a little more informed, and thankful for that.

Watch it…


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