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as my sis says “aiwen hi”…

Its 2am & we are still up.Plannig to got to Sinhagad Fort tomorrow[plz note that its still only a plan.This has been planned God knows how many times & never executed…Whatever happens to this plan, will post the update]

Hopefully we will still be awake at 5am.

Trying hard to do so…how?Playing CS 😀
My turn completed…so sitting here blogging while anuj & hemant lug it out in fy_woodland
I still reign supreme *puffs with pride* & continuing my undefeated streak. Atleast I can beat my roomies at something [& convincingly at that!!]

Got some new songs…was bored to death listening to the same old tracks over & over & over & over…

Now playing
All American Rejects:Move Along
-Move Along
-Dirty little secret
-Straightjacket feeling
-Dance inside

Kelly Clarkson:Breakaway
-Since you?ve been gone
-Behind these hazel eyes
Lifehouse:No Name Face
-Hanging by the moment
-Sickcycle carousal
-You & Me
-Days go by
-We?ll never know

BTW if you are wondering about the title its says?Just Like that…?



Taaron sein mukti!!!

Changed the internet connection this saturday…from You Telecom to Hathway internet. Costs the same…around Rs.650 pm, but gives us 256kbps@24hrs[You-10am-10pm@64kbps,10pm-10am@256kbps].

Bhagwan ki kripa thi…got the connection within a week. Most importantly, the guy who set it up helped us to make the connection wireless using the Airport Express [AX] I had gotten with my MacBook. So now we are running the internet on anuj?s as well as my lappy [raghav?s is still at HP Service center…been a month] simutaneously!! & no wires!dsc00488.jpgdsc00489.jpg

bed par aaram se let kar netting!!
Plugged the 2.1 speakers & hooked it up through the AX & so we have wireless music.

Now Raghav wont be tripping over any wires 😉

From blogger to wordpress…

As of today has become


I have this software-MacJournal…its a desktop blogging tool for my MacBook. Many of its features are not supported by blogger such as picture upload etc.

Yeah, I know it seems a very small reason to go through the hassle of copying all my blogger posts to WP, but the interface of MacJournal makes blogging so very simple that I just had to.

Also importing all my posts was very easy…WP allows auto import from blogger.

So here I am…wish me luck ppl 🙂


Mac is here!!

A couple of months ago I was surfing the net, updating my knowledge of the tech world. Finding nothing new, I meandered [as one often does in the process of ‘browsing’] to

It was then I realized that I had absolutely no idea about Macintosh, or Macs[NOT mac or MAC they mean something else altogether 😮 …will elaborate later].

So there I was, soaking up all there was to soak & finally concluded:
1)Macs are downright sexy
2)Mac Owners are proud/arrogant a.k.a fanboys
3)Mac OS X ie Leopard, seems better than windows, esp after the Vistaster

Hence I espoused: Why does’nt one of you buy a Mac?Here ‘one ’ refers to
-Hemant:The next in line to buy a lappy/comp at our flat
-Baby:*No reason as such*
-Tejas:*No reason as such*

To which their response was ‘Why dont you get it yourself?’

Unfortunately I could not verify any of my above conclusions simply because nobody I knew had a Mac or would have it in the recent future[fate?].

Well…now I do not need to seek out ppl owning a Mac as I myself have got one, and it literally fell into my lap[no pun intended…I have always wanted to write that :D].
Here’s a blow by blow of the event:

Its a normal day.
I get a call.
Its just mum.
She was in the US visiting my mama[Mamji :p ]. We talk as usual, padhai/weather/tabiyat etc.
Suddenly she says:“Mamu ne tumhare liye laptop liya hai”

What I heard[courtesy Airtel network & my partial deafness]:“Mamu ne tumhare liye laptop lena hai”

Me:“Arre unse kaho zaroorat nahi hai”[Really I’m not lying!!]
Mum:Ab use lauta thodi na sakta hain
Me:Lappyaa aaya hai?Nahi na?toh phir?
Mum:Agaya hai, ipod sunna kam karo, kaan ja rahe hain.
Me:Clearly batao…lappy aa gaya kya?
Mum:uff…haan yahan rakha hain…safeed sa hain…mcdonald jaisa kuch naam hain..
Me:McDonald???[My mum is the kind who feels more at home with a pen & paper than a comp screen :)]
Mum:haan something like that.
Me:You sure?M-A-C-B-O-O-K?
Mum:yes baba…
Mum:kya hua?
Me:Mamu got me a MacBook!!!YESSSS *do my version of the adivasi dance*
Mum:Bahut achha hota hai kya?
Me:HAAN!!Its what I’ve wanted , bahut sudar hai, usme…………..
& with that, I was off extolling the virtues of the Macbook to my poor hapless mother…

-White[the black one was somewhat expensive, white is going to hard to keep clean]
-2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo T8300[top of the line penryn processer]
-160 GB HDD
-13.3 inch screen
OS Leopard [10.5.4]
-DVD combo drive
-Bluetooth, WiFi, Webcam etc.
-ultra cool [yes that is a specification!!]

Here it is


It runs on OS X [OS 10, not the alphabet] , 10.5 or Leopard to be exact. All operating system names are based on the cat family:
10.5=Leopard [Its counterpart would be Vista]
10.4=Tiger [=XP]

MAC-Media Access Control & other telecomm abbr.
Mac-Macintosh-Series of computers manufactured be apple.

As for my “conclusions”:
1)undeniably correct
2)new addition to the Mac fanboy brigade!
3)No doubt about it!!

-Boots in 20 seconds flat…& I mean in 20 sec you are ready to go. No waiting for the hourglass/animated circles to stop.Roomies lappy[both vista]:upward of 2 mins
-Shuts down in 3secs.Roomies lappy:1 min
-Hibernates in 3 secs, resumes in 1 sec. Roomies lappy does both in about 45 secs.
-Graphics/animations are simply flawless. No sluggishness of any kind[minimise/maximise,switching users,fullscreen in vids etc.]
-USB drives detected/ejected instantly…no waiting around for autoplay *yesss*
-Two finger scroll on trackpad is so easy & works in all four directions. No more swiping at the stupid small strip on the touchpad!!!
-Supports windows if required [for those games ;)]
-Magsafe charger, safe & cool
-Does not get HOT. Max running temp is 50 deg. cel.Roomies lappy are serious boilers.
-1 inch thick, looks ultra compact
-Battery life 4 to 4.5 hrs: Personally tested[was watching videos the whole time,audio through earphones]. Roomies is 2.5 hrs MAX
-Function keys are primarily assigned function like volume/brightness etc. If you want to use the F1-F12 commands only then do you need to press the ‘fn’ key.I rarely use F1-F12 as such, so seems pretty innovative.
-Built in webcam & microphone is fantastic.
-Glowing Apple logo on the back of the screen.Awesome.
-I can actually use the default mail client to check my mails,just type in the username & pass. Thenga to MS Outlook!!
-Almost no security threats, no matter what the reason -low market share of apple or secure UNIX platform. NO antivirus required!!! MUAHAHAH

-The command key, its basically the windows & the ctrl keys rolled into one. Its not its fucntion,just the location that is the problem. It is where you would find the alt key. Not used to getting to the key quickly.
-2 USB’s. But I guess that its standard for a laptop smaller than 15.4 inches.
-No memory card reader.

Myths about Macs
Expensive:You may say so, but its simply that Macs do not have a low end model, they start from the mid range & move up
Software:3rd party support is abundant & most importantly, free! In fact I can safely say that I can do everything as easily, if not better, on my MacBook than on Windows.
Net-Mozilla for Mac.[:D]
Songs-iTunes…& it runs super-fast on Mac, no delay in startup etc.
Videos-VLC [enuff said]
Chat-Adium [runs yahoo/gtalk/msn/aim…i just need the first two]
[Complete support for MS office, no compatibility issues.]
Difficult:Its not DIFFICULT, just DIFFERENT. Of course you are going to have teething problems, you have been brought up on windows!! Give it a chance, you’ll grow to love it.

Other features
Spotlight- If you thought the search in Vista was good, this is perfection. No misses, instant results. Also has inbuilt calculator & dictionary! Blogging is bliss!

Quicksilver[3rd party]: No need to go looking for that elusive app in your ‘all programs’. just start typing & it will bring up the app. Makes life sooo easy!!

*Sigh* Its simply not possible to state all the advantages of the MacBook. Some of the things that I have mentioned may seem too insignificant but when you are using a computer you come to know how intuitive it all is. And this when I am not using it to its full capacity…

I also got the Airport Express[AX]:
Can convert any wired internet connection into a wireless one. Instead of plugging the LAN cable into the ethernet port of the laptop plug it in the AX & voila you have wireless internet!!
Stream music wirelessly to any speakers within range via iTunes.Plug the speaker cable in the AX & power them on, connect the AX to any lappy wirelessly [drivers given for windows..considerate eh?] & play the songs in iTunes…& you have wireless music…the 2.1 speakers at our flat make it awesome.

All in all I just love my Mac, way to go apple…just hope it stays white!![fingers crossed]


(For more information click on the blue links)

UPDATE:Apple has changed it’s MacBook lineup. The above configuration is now available in the unibody Macs, with better graphics & display. The white MacBook has a reduced confuguration & reduced price.

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