as my sis says “aiwen hi”…

Its 2am & we are still up.Plannig to got to Sinhagad Fort tomorrow[plz note that its still only a plan.This has been planned God knows how many times & never executed…Whatever happens to this plan, will post the update]

Hopefully we will still be awake at 5am.

Trying hard to do so…how?Playing CS 😀
My turn completed…so sitting here blogging while anuj & hemant lug it out in fy_woodland
I still reign supreme *puffs with pride* & continuing my undefeated streak. Atleast I can beat my roomies at something [& convincingly at that!!]

Got some new songs…was bored to death listening to the same old tracks over & over & over & over…

Now playing
All American Rejects:Move Along
-Move Along
-Dirty little secret
-Straightjacket feeling
-Dance inside

Kelly Clarkson:Breakaway
-Since you?ve been gone
-Behind these hazel eyes
Lifehouse:No Name Face
-Hanging by the moment
-Sickcycle carousal
-You & Me
-Days go by
-We?ll never know

BTW if you are wondering about the title its says?Just Like that…?



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