This is so not fair….

Apple has released the updated version of the MacBooks…Its a third major change in the span of one year.
1)Move to Intel:Rosetta[late of 2007]
2)Rosetta to Penryn [early 2008]
3)Aluminum Macs [late 2008]
When I got my Macbook i was glad I was glad I had the latest…& now in a month t has become old news. The whole thing costed me around $1400 then. Now you can get the sexier, meaner, lighter version for the same price:(
-Aluminum Body
-Glossy LED display
-NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM
-Even huger multifunction glass trackpad, now buttonless!!

The Aluminum body looks superb , but the black coloured display panel was not much to my liking….reminds me of the regular HP laptops *BORING*. But maybe my opinion will change once I have seen them in the flesh….er…metal.

Apart from my selfish anger, I am really happy for apple. They have introduced an under $1000 MacBook which will surely increase its market share, the variety in the notebook section is long overdue.

Just wish it had been a bit later…say the next year. Hell if I am wishing I might as well wish for this change to have come before I had gotten my MacBook…


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