Close shave Mamu!!!

In the past week I have been breaking the law, quite freely at that. Now before any of you break into a tizzy & call the cops or more disturbingly the MNS, its nothing BIG [by BIG I mean something along the lines of murder/robbery ]. I & other fellow indians [should it be capital indian have a capital I?] have been doing it for quite sometime & with impunity.What is it?Entry into a one way road. I am writing this post because I have been having really close shaves with the traffic police/mamus in the past week.

Now as compared to others, I am a stickler for rules or rather civic sense.

-I am very punctual, if I say i?ll be there 8, then it mean 8[my friends will vouch for that].
-I dont throw stuff on the road, I keep it with me 7 drop it in a bin. If I dont find one [which is usually the case], it comes with me to my flat & then gets binned.
-I stop at redlights, BEHIND the zebra crossing.
-I dont start blowing the horn at the intersection as soon as it turns the signal green.No unnecessary honking at all.

Then why do I do the one way thingie? Well its just that, they are shorter. I know that it might not seem to be much, but if you continuously ply over the same route daily, again & again, it slowly starts eating you until you start feeling foolish for not taking the shorter path.

The places where I had the close shaves.
Symbol index:
-Red circle black arrow:direction of travel not allowed
-Blue patch,blue arrow:Location of mamu to stop erring drivers

1)Aigaa Crossing

As you can see, you can go into the road turning right, but not come out from that road. Anybody coming out from the road is caught by the mamu.

The mamus usually stand somewhere behind the bunch of ppl in the pic, hidden behind some trees ready to pounce

Turn right & you are done for!!

So far I have been lucky & not been caught. Either I spot them [just…] & dont make the turn, or ppl/commuters coming towards me warn me[there is a unity against mamus :)]
Hope my luck continues.
And hope that PMC does not read this or I will be fined online. That would be one for the books đŸ˜€


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