chez moi!

Got home yesterday. A lot happened during the duration of my travel. Raj Thackery was arrested [& again released on bail or whatever], the expected violence in Maharashtra, curfew in pune, burning of stuff all over & general chaos. Why isin?t MNS declared a terrorist group like SIMI? Afterall it seems to be their business-terrorize. Ban them & be done with it.

Anyway moving away from morbid subjects, reached home on time [yippe :)]. Left for Nashik at 6:30. This time I was awake when crossing the ghats, they were beautiful. Trees & huts all look small as if you could just pluck them up!! dsc00548.jpg
Reached at Nashik at 11:30 [amid some thackery?s lackey tamasha], got on the train at 12 & was home by 9:20am the next day.

Had Palak paneer + Bhindi for lunch yesterday…revitalizing the body after the aalo eating spree we had in pune. Dinner was supposed to consist of fish & rice, but the fish was HOT. Not the sizzling kind, but fire-from-ears, water-from-nose/eyes type. First time I experienced kaan se dhuaan effects 😦 . Packets of frooti saved me from cutting of my burning tongue.

Its 10am now & am sitting on my terrace swing with my doggie & admiring the viewdsc00580.jpg

& listening to Home [Foo Fighters-echoes, silence, patience & grace] on papa?s iPod touch :D. Very cool!!!
Anybody know how one can apply for Apple dealership? 😉

Chalo behen ko pareshaan karne ka time aa gaya!!
More later…


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