Of Dhanteras & assorted festivities…

Am in super relaxation mode…not budging an inch from the house [something that has been irritating aastha to no end :)]. Mum has baked a second batch of of her so-very-awesome-cake, vanilla icecream is already here…will continue my blissful period of eating homemade brownies for dessert.

Today had to go out for shopping, it being Dhanteras & all. Mum & Aastha were doing the diwali shopping, me & pa were bored so here are some random pics from our outing.
Rows of shops. Bought diyas, gharaunda stuff etc.
Happy shoppers!

More for the gharaunda



The whole of lucknow out on the streets


candles-Rs 140 per kilo!!We bought .5 kg, dont know why!!


My chicken kali mirch stop šŸ™‚ May look cheap, but the seekh kebaabs,tandoori chicken & the naans are to die for...


Home…all lit up.

Bought a pair of kurta pajama for diwali…colour? BLUE šŸ˜€
Mum bought a new toaster & is dumping the old crappy one on me to take to pune…chalo atleast wahan ab toast toh milega!

Looking forward to tuesday.


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