Happy Diwali to all of you!! Just for today try to forget all the possible worries- the sensex crashing like a rogue rocket, the falling rupee,the communal clash in Bihar & Maharashtra etcetera etcetra-& try to enjoy today.

I had slept quite late, around 5am[a couple of good movies were being played in a row & you know I never miss a good movie], so got up at around 10. Guests/Visitors have started arriving to meet mum & pa…who is not here. Its tuesday & he has to stay with Madam Mayawati 😦 .
Update:She gave him the day off for diwali *yay* 😀

Yesterday was Non-Veg day:Had Biyani, Mutton & Tandoori Chicken
Today -Dal maakhni, Bhendi & puri. Raghav had made such a hype about dal makhni that I pulled a recipe of the net for mum to cook.

More pictures:

The Original gharaunda:
Looks more like a bird torturing shack…..

The New Gharaunda:
It may look dull now but by tonight its going to be bootiphul!!

If you have’nt got it by now, its not real…Its supposed to go with the toys of the gharaunda…don’t ask me how. Aastha & mum’s choice



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