Golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai

Yesterday we all went to watch Golmaal Returns & after a long time I had FUN watching a hindi movie. You could put it in the category of Singh is Kinng [hope the number of S’s, I’s & N’s are correct 🙂 ] but the fun quotient was way higher. While SIK was funny, the humor felt forced. In GR, it was fully stomach-aching-laugh funny. The plot was very light & just seemed to fall in to place.
There are many differences from the original Golmaal [from original I dont mean the 90’s wala]. Rimi Sen was replaced by Kareena Kapoor, Celeina Jaitley, Amrita Arora & another actress who I have seen for the first time. Shreyas Talpade for Sherman Joshi was equally fun & did not feel odd. Also the relationship between the characters was also different.
Ajay & Tusshar are bro-in-laws, Arashad & Ajay are Enemies, Talpade is employed by Ajay. The movie does taang kheeche of many movies/serials esp. as tushaar is there. There is a scene where Devgan is hadkaoing Kareena & does so by quoting almost all the movies he has worked in. I would recommend it just as it is paisa vasool, dont expect something big, sit back & enjoy.

The other movie I had watched was Heroes, a couple of days back. It was a semi-patriotic inspirational movie, presenting the life of the Indian soldier’s family. For the first time I liked Sohail Khan’s acting. Maybe his weird face or his voice…something makes him endearing as the Saand. Priety’s story was the most touching, but Sunny Deol & Mithun Da’s story was portrayed in a very dull fashion. Over all it was an average watch, nothing much to write about.


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