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Apples branded by Apple!!!

The following photo is not a work of photoshop:
How this came to be:
1. Get Apple logos/stickers etc. [the ones supplied with apple products types]

2.Stick them on growing applesapl64.jpegapl74.jpeg

3.Let the sun shine on them

4.Remove on plucking. And you are done!!

Now that’s a true Mac Fanboy!!

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Anuj’s Birthday

Anuj’s Bday pics:
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Max Payne…needs more pain :(


Summary:Coming together to solve a series of murders in New York City are a DEA agent whose family was slain as part of a conspiracy and an assassin out to avenge her sister’s death. The duo will be hunted by the police, the mob, and a ruthless corporation.

Review:I saw the Max Payne trailer featuring the Marilyn Manson’s “If I was your vampire” & absolutely loved it. The track perfectly suits the trailer…unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the movie.

The famous 18th century saying goes:revenge is a dish best served cold. Well, the movie is all about revenge, but the chill factor is missing. All those ppl who have not played the game may like it for its action, but for the ppl who have played the game this movie is sacrilege. I accept that you cannot put in the pessimist/sarcastic monologue [though that is what made the game a cult icon ], but the narration/direction could have been so much better. The movie seems to just meander along, aimlessly, barely being ruled in by the actual game story line. It has only three bullet-time sequence scenes in the entire movie, unbelievable though it may seem. There are enough shootouts in the movie to have added a couple more of them.

In the game, Payne seems almost immortal…be it against Colts, Ingrams, Shotguns or Desert Eagles, his monologues makes the player feel invincible. The “Revenge” factor makes the character so chillingly hard that you pity the fools who try to stop him. In the movie Wahlberg makes it look as if Payne is about to cry any moment….well almost. Mona whacks him around into a blubbering child, when under pressure he starts screaming his head off, that makes him look like a common thug. A Godfather kind look+dialogue would have been perfect. Basically I wanted Wahlberg to be more cold & by that I don’t not mean stone statue cold, but gut wrenching cold. And how did he not say “What does BB stand for? Backstabbing B*stard?” !!
Considering the end there might be a second part, but I hope to God the Fox ppl will not make the same mistakes again

As you can see most of my grouse is against an unsuccessful game to movie transfer. So if you have not played the game you may watch it. If you have, then better not. Its not that bad, you just don’t want to be watching Max Payne flounder.

Mark Wahlberg-Max Payne
Mila Kunis-Mona Sax
Olga Kurylenko-Natasha Sax
Beau Bridges-BB Hensley
Amaury Nolasco-Jack Lupino
Kate Burton-Nicole Horne


Opinion:Play the game & watch the trailer.THE END.

Presenting…The iMac

First time seeing an ad for the iMac [Times Of India, Pune Edition,21.11.2008,Page 7] in india. Feels good. Most ppl will not know what it is, but its form & design should pique their interest.
Best of luck iMac!!

Exchange Scheme

Apple Link

Of Poems & Beverages

This is how the mind wanders while studying. I started to feel hot in the room , turned on the fan, which resulted in the following from my roomie Anuj:

Oo Cena,
Tujhe aa raha hai bahut paseena,
Kya dekh li hai tume koi haseena?
Lagta hai usne hai tumhara chain cheena!
Kaun hai woh jisne kiya hai mushkil tumhara jeena?
Raveena ho ya kareena,
roj tumko hai botal bhar Cold Drink peena

Speaking of Cold Drinks…..
Coca Cola is damn chaalu.
1.500ml costed Rs. 15[from like 2 yrs ago]

2.600ml at Rs. 15. 100 ml free WOW 😀

3.600ml now at Rs. 20 😦

4.350ml bottle introduced at Rs.15. [Me:HAH how stupid kaun khareede ga!! 600ml na lele?]

5.600ml now selling at Rs.23 :@

6.Now am stumped..should I buy 350ml/600ml…

Long term plans ise kehte hain…faida hi faida.


History being made this november:

-The United States elected a new president, Barack Obama, the first black president.
-India defeated Australia, 2-0, to regain the Border-Gavaskar trophy.
-Anil Kumble & Sourav Ganguly retire from the test team.

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