Of Poems & Beverages

This is how the mind wanders while studying. I started to feel hot in the room , turned on the fan, which resulted in the following from my roomie Anuj:

Oo Cena,
Tujhe aa raha hai bahut paseena,
Kya dekh li hai tume koi haseena?
Lagta hai usne hai tumhara chain cheena!
Kaun hai woh jisne kiya hai mushkil tumhara jeena?
Raveena ho ya kareena,
roj tumko hai botal bhar Cold Drink peena

Speaking of Cold Drinks…..
Coca Cola is damn chaalu.
1.500ml costed Rs. 15[from like 2 yrs ago]

2.600ml at Rs. 15. 100 ml free WOW 😀

3.600ml now at Rs. 20 😦

4.350ml bottle introduced at Rs.15. [Me:HAH how stupid kaun khareede ga!! 600ml na lele?]

5.600ml now selling at Rs.23 :@

6.Now am stumped..should I buy 350ml/600ml…

Long term plans ise kehte hain…faida hi faida.


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