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Apna Dostana…

The past couple of days have been simply…fantastic. Apart from the fact that I am at home [having been thrown all over the place i can say with authority that theres no place like home] I met some new ppl for the first time,well…first time if you take away the time during my infancy, that doesnt count!

Sanjay mausa, Jayshree mausi, Shradha, Shikhar…they had come for a couple of days but the time I spent with them was indescribable…in a good way :).

Mausi is mum’s school friend, though I call her mausi she has none of the formality a relative does…Fultu fun.
Mausaji, I found to be a kind soft grizzly bear…very much like papa. His anecdotes very funny & advice ringed true
Shradha & Shikhar are two ppl who I am very happy to have as friends & spending time with them was super cool. Seriously guys, nice hanging with you…itna maza kai dino ke baad aaya *thumbs up*

Thoda ghoome, BAHUT khaya 😀 [you guys will attest to that! ], aur usse bhi zyada gapiyae!
Shikhar-hope the next time you beat me at arm wrestling is without using both your hands!
Shradha-funny & mast bandiya like you are rare…dont ever change!

Hope ab mulakate hote rahengi…Wish you all every success in life.
Love you all!dsc00243.jpg

Keep Rocking!!


Subverse-Jugular Vein


Odds and evens                                                                        
Jug Suraiya

A lot of people are wondering what’s happened to Raj Thackeray of late. Ever since 26/11 there hasn’t been a choo from the self-proclaimed champion of the Marathi manoos. Where’s he gone and what’s he up to? Has he pushed off on a secret Mission Impossible into Pakistan to avenge the terrorist attack on Mumbai and bring LeT commander Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, kicking and screaming, to India for justice, with Dawood Ibrahim as a New Year bonus? No one knows. But the other night i had a curious dream in which that stalwart upholder
of Marathiness had come to take up residence in the National Media Centre, the Gurgaon housing society
where i live and which is, in many ways, a microcosm of India.
In my dream, no sooner had Raj settled in than he began to cast a keen eye around for any Marathi manoos on whose behalf he could take up cudgels. There were indeed Marathi manoos in the NMC. The trouble was that they could not be told apart, not even by themselves, from the non-Marathi manoos, i.e. Punjabi manoos, and Haryanvi manoos, and Bengali manoos, and Gujarati manoos, and Malayali manoos, and Tamil manoos, and even a few foreign manoos, like American manoos, English manoos, and Russian manoos, who also lived in, or were associated with, the NMC. Not only did all this bewildering variety of manooses — poor Raj hadn’t had the faintest idea that there could possibly be so many different varieties, even more than all 31 flavours of Baskin-Robbins — live together but they were often inextricably linked to each other through ties of marriage, or profession, or common interests. Heck, it was all so mixed up, that Raj himself couldn’t tell apart the Marathi manoos from his non-Marathi NMC neighbour.
That being the unfortunate case, how was Raj to fulfil his life’s vocation of creating parochial rifts in any given community? Some people collect stamps; Raj collected rifts. But here in the mini-India of the NMC, where were the rifts for Raj, or anyone else, to collect? But Raj is nothing if not innovative. If there were no rifts in the NMC, then he would have to create them. How so? In a flash, it came to him. Numbers. If he could not create rifts on the basis of community, he would create rifts on the basis of numbers. This seemed quite easy to do.
The NMC has 190 houses, numbered from 1 to 190. These could be divided — or rifted, if you prefer, which Raj did — into odd numbered houses and even numbered houses. For example, 1 was an odd numbered house, in that
the number 1 is an odd number, which cannot be divided by 2. On the other hand, or the other rift, if
you prefer, which Raj did, 190 is an even numbered house, as 190 can be divided by 2. So Raj began his divisive campaign.
He told all the even numbers that all the odd numbers were, well, to put it frankly, distinctly odd. As in weird, strange, angular, unpredictable, funny, not ha-ha funny, but funny-funny, like psycho-funny, like people-who-bay-at-thefull-moon-funny. In short, odd numbers were not to be trusted and should be given not just short shrift but also short shift, as in shortly shifted out of the NMC. Then Raj told all the odd numbers that even numbers were, well, to put it frankly, even. Which meant they were divisible by 2, and as everyone knew, anything or anyone who was divisible was essentially unstable, unpredictable, undependable, a split personality. In short, a sicko with whom one should have absolutely no truck, lorry, or bus.
Raj spread his message of divisiveness. But the harder he tried the less he succeeded. Odds and evens seemed closer together than ever before. Why wasn’t his plan working? Simple. It was because of the number that Raj himself was. He was neither odd nor even, but when added to any other number, odd or even, made everything even. That’s right, what Raj was, always had been, always would be, was a perfect zero.


A perfect article!! Where is Mr.Thackery now? When his “manoos” needs him there is not a single whimper from him or any of his dumb followers. This shows how important he & his mafiadom MNS actually are. Actions speak more than words…so coming into my college breaking stuff, bashing ppl, regales you to just being another goonda.In national/the international arena you hardly have any presence. When everything has quieted down they will come out thumping there chests about how they would have handled situation. They will take up arms against muslims or ppl of pakistani origin but not address the root problem of terrorism. They know their pomp & show will only work on the common defenseless man. They are worried about “bhayias” taking over Maharashtra when they are being assaulted by terrorists. Where were your lathi wielding, “Jai Maharashtra” screaming band of fools, when mumbai was under siege? Why don’t you devote your energy in assisting authorities to prevent these acts?

Jug Surayia was right…whatever you do you will always be a zero

Merry Christmas!!

Wishing all of you A Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful time with your family 🙂


The Second Coming oF Steve Jobs:Book Review

This is the book I had bought this diwali but did not read it due to my exams. Finished it on my to lucknow this time. Of late I have come in contact of many Apple product [iPods,iPhone,iPod touch,Macbook] & their quality impressed me enough to delve into the history of its founder-Steve Jobs. This is the only book that I have found of him & its pretty good. It’s not exactly a biography since it starts after Jobs was fired from Apple & was about to setup NeXT.

It offers many insights into his love, his obsessions & his passion for perfection. It is amazing to watch his confidence spill over to become arrogance & how this arrogance makes him to blow the chance to be where Microsoft is today. But then it is this arrogance which allows him to negotiate deals with hard-nosed businessmen & leave them incredulous with his attitude. His “Bad Steve” persona is highlighted throughout the book.

The book is divided into the following chapters:

1.Preface: A rough summary of Steve’s life
2.Next:Setting up his company using his huge assets collected during his stint in apple & his hunger for vindication
3.Pixar:His acquisition of pixar. Pixar was instrumental in his comeback & it was surprising to see him to try & sabotage it by asserting his ownership once Pixar started returning profits
4.Crises:Bad decisions & luck causes Next to stumble & fall. Along with it came the fall of Jobs & his reputation. His humbling & being written off as a one time wonder.
5.Comeback:His hard headedness of sticking with Pixar pays of. Toy Story is a Hit. Money strats to flow & once Pixar goes public, Steve is floating in it.
6.Apple:How apple had fared since the sacking of Jobs. Reduction in growth rate & almost liquidation. Re-instation of Jobs as the CEO [though it was made official after almost a year]

  1. 7.Being steve:Steve’s personal side

8.Epilogue:The Third coming?:Deals with the second slowdown at apple & the company’s future

Overall a nice package. It offers an impartial look at Steve Jobs & the author is refrains from either being a “fanboy” or demeaning in any way. Would definitely recommend it.


Now reading: Think India-The Rise of the World’s Next Superpower and what it means for every American
By:Vinay Rai & William l.Simon


Ghajini, as most you already know is one of the most awaited films of 2008…& not just because of Aamir Khan, or his six..oops EIGHT packs[one, no two up from Shahrukh ;)], or the tattoos…though if now you ask me why, I have no answer![ And is it just me are there TOO many buff guys in bollywood these days? First there was John, then Hrithick, Shahrukh, Akshay…& now Aamir. *sigh* Complex de dete hai yaar!! Hero hona kaafi nahi hai kya?? ]

Anyway when I first watched the trailer, I knew straight off it was another Memento.

[Never mind Aamir saying otherwise]

Memento was one of a kind…esp. its reverse playback funda, that’s what gave the movie its charm..the thrill.I sometimes had to pause it & create mental notes/links concerning the plot. It felt weird & you actually sympathize will Leonard, esp. the scene with Trinity…sorry Carrie Anne Moss [She’s always going to be Trinity to me :)]…coming in with bashed lip. You love his tenacity,his methods & his obsession becomes yours…

I have no idea about the tamil version, but I dont think it would have been shown in reverse…I don’t think the Indian public is ready for that kind of direction. Probably the same with the hindi one. Without it, the movie would seem a bit washed out, wouldn’t it? Lets see how A.R. Murugadoss has handled it.

Oh yeah-Memento has two Matrix actors in it:Carrie Anne Moss[Trinity/Natalie] & Joe Pantoliano[Cypher/Ted]

And the tagline-“Remember December 25” reminds me of the tagline of “V for Vendetta”-Remember, remember the 5th of November….– another brilliant movie starring another Matrix actor:Hugo Weaving[Agent Smith/ V ]

Coincidence? I don’t think so 😀


Have watched Rab Ne Bana di Jodi yesterday, but dont feel writing about it now….

*yawn* Whoa that was a big one! 🙂
Good Night !

Windows still playing catch up..

Windows 7 (Codename:Blackcomb and Vienna)

As stated in the last post, I was looking up the new Os from Windows…here are some interesting points…
-Apple introduced Multitouch with the iPhone & then expanded it onto the New MacBook, This is the highlight are of windows 7. The difference is that these gestures are to be performed on the screen, not the trackpad. But for that you will probably need to buy touch screens with your computers…or maybe Microsoft is venturing in to the hardware arena!!

-Like OS X Leopard, you have a very clean desktop…something that most ppl will need getting used to!

-Apple introduced widgets, Microsoft tried the sidebar, unsuccessfully. So sidebar being dumped for Gadgets..though they will be on the desktop

-Apple gave iLife, Micorsoft pusing Windows Live Essential Suite

-Apple:Active Screen Corners. Microsoft:Hot Corners

-Apple says:Out of the box use. Microsoft replies:One day experience.

-Somethings are new & nice. If you are comparing 2 documents, instead of right click on toolbar>arrange side-by-side, you can simply drag them to the right & left of the screen. For maximising a window take it to the top of the screen bring it to the center for half the size.

Proposed release date Early 2010.
By then Apple?s Snow Leopard(OS 10.6)should already be out & OS 10.7 should be in the pipeline.
Waiting for both!!

Random Post

Disclaimer:Head full of stuff so this post may not make much sense…

-Today is Nana’s 70th Birthday…Happy Birthday Nana!! May your wisdom & love always guide us through our life *muah*

-India won the first of a three test series…& what a victory it was!! This is probably the first time I have seen India snatching victory from the hands of defeat…usually it would be the other way round 🙂

-Loved the last three overs with Sachin & Yuvraj juggling the strike so that sachin could get his 41st test century.[The stupid cablewallah was fooling around & Neo Sports would keep jumping back & forth between channel 14 & 19. Would have strangled him if I had missed the winnning shot. ]

-Papa has switched the broadband plan to unlimited & installed a wireless modem. I am now online 24×7!

-I Setup Papa’s iPod touch for wifi & now even that is up & running! It really good.

Easy to type & most importantly, can zoom in/out easily. If the text is too small pinch out & voila!
photo-3.jpg photo-31.jpg

Rotate the screen for Landscape/portrait mode…

-So my MacBook stays in the room with torrents downloading & use the iPod for surfing…no this post is not from the iPod 🙂

-Have put torrents for download-Scrubs:Season 7 completed, Season 6 running. Tomorrow will put on prison break episode 15!

-The speeds I am getting is unbelievable! Torrents have gone upto 130kbps…but they average out aroung 35 kbps. The normal download is through the roof!

Even with the torrents active, downloading anything using a download manager gives me around 150kbps!!picture-11.png
AND youtube streams effortlessly! No waiting! Now THIS is what I call broadband!!

-Looking up the features of windows 7…can see many “inspirations” from Apple 😉  GO MAC!!

-Went shopping on sunday…bought a couple of shirts & 2 denim pants+running shoes[old Nikes torn from my excursion to Sinhagad Fort, finally gave up 😦 ]…plan to loose some weight at home this time!

Gotta go…iPod charged, cycling for 20 mins then 10 mins of walking. NO MORE FLAB!!



Watched the movie today. I think TOI has given it 3 stars & its deserving. The first 20 to 30 mins were a bit dull, but once Shah is dead then things pick up…not drastically but enough to keep you engaged throughout. Paresh Rawal has lost a LOT of weight but looks haggard. That is probably because he is playing a character who is probably 5-10 yrs younger than him. Neha is OK…portrays the cold wife adequately. Boman, Tara & Om Puri all fit in nicely [although Tara looks a bit washed out…].

The movie is not very surprising or have many twists/shocks as such bit still it never gets dull. Paresh’s antics are very entertaining. There are some bloopers [esp. the last dialogue of Tara…what did she establish with that?] but that can be overlooked.

In the end, its a paisa vasool…don’t expect it to be another “Usual Suspects” [that’s what the trailers convey…]& you’ll enjoy it.

TV shows

Prison Break season 4 Episode 14:
Scylla gone!!Michael caught by the general!! What is Link supposed to do? General offers to operate on Michael if Link co-operates. And what is tombstone 2? Mahone gets caught….What is happeneing. Looks like this season is going to be a long one.

Roadies 6:
Raghu & Rajiv….what’s that all about?Look alikes/real twins. If real then they would have been on TV long time back. Is it just me or have they lowered the bar in the auditions this time. Its as if they are picking anybody & everybody. Kolkata auditions were simply crap. Hope Roadies 6 winner is more deserving than Aashu.


Back in lucknow. Papa converted the net connection to wireless….so can surf/blog from my room!! YAY!

Deal or no Deal:PB

Just finished watching Prison Break episode 13. TAKE THAT Don Self!!! Scofield is’int finished with you yet!

The last couple of episodes of PB have been pretty explosive. Mahone gets Wyatt & finishes him in style. The brothers beat The General & now getting D.Self.

I’m loving it!!

Mourn for Mumbai

taj mumbaiThe dastardly attacks  on Mumbai have made terrorism personal. Earlier it would be blasts…something that was hard to give a face to, but a direct assault such as this is scarier. I congratulate the forces for handling the situation & pray for the deceased.

1.What good is kicking out V.R.Deshmikh/ Patil & associates? Let them stay on & take the flak for their mistakes. Is just sacking them punishment enough? The sacking simply takes them out of the public glare & they are left in peace.

2.No country can stay in RED ALERT perennially, searching each & every corner of the country daily. Our borders/sea coasts should not be as porous as they are. There should be a basic level of security…metal detecters at entrances[working], Relatively alert policemen at strategic positions, equipped properly & in contact with the command center to report anything out of the ordinary

2.Don?t randomly question the working of Intelligence agencies. It is true that when they avert a disaster it is rarely known, but every failure is pounced upon. True, a failure can cause massive destruction, but criticism should always be positive. Looking for scapegoats at such time is demoralizing.

3.Intelligence is the first level of defense, in case of a breach we must also have an action force to contain a situation till the specialists are called in.

4.Any decisions post-incident needs to be handled with a sense of detachment. Emotion provoke reactions that bear little merit. Logical approach is instrumental to reaching proper conclusions.

5.Plug holes every time. Each incident shows us our weakness. Take that as reference & brain storm on other such possible gaps

6.The media should have some selfcontrol over the information they show. I don’t mean a complete blackout, but specifics should not be mentioned. Same goes for politicians, self proclaimed leaders etc. I know its a dog eat dog etcetera etcetera, but nation’s  security comes first, right?

To the Authorities: Whatever course is taken, it must be thought out precisely. Knee jerk reactions will not do. Short term promises/measures are useless, don’t patronizing the public…they are not as dumb as you think. They will bay for blood & it is easy to throw up a couple of names, get a few convictions & forget about everything. Please don’t play the blame game & don’t go for the usual political bickering[Advani mouthing off about the incompetence of the govt…remember the parliament attacks? You were no better…]. Try to be a little sensitive & stop this foot in mouth thing you all have going on.

Most importantly, don’t go half cocked into battle. Don’t make the same mistake the US made invading Iraq. Terrorism cannot be stopped by military aggression…alteast not by overt aggression. Seal our borders, get intelligence flowing, take help from international agencies[why such an ego? If they can be of help take it.]

Read Second Opinion by Jug Suraiya [6 December,08] & it seriously made me think.

-All appearances of Pakistan in the international media is negative: Failure of the Govt. machinery, taliban, terrorism, economic backwardness etc.

-If India did not exist what would pakistan do?

-Is it like the joker from The Dark knight? “You complete me”

-Pakistan would simply implode with its all consuming wrath.

-Instead of trying to destroy India, if the leaders/extremists had tried to improve Pakistan they would have commanded respect today & not be hated/looked upon. Destructive tendenceies help nobody

-What Suraiya states is true, Pakistan=Anti India

My screwup…

Things have gone awry. Mistakes have been made…mistakes that may have repercussions now or in the future. Poor decisions taken by me may have hurt ppl dear to me. I am sorry about what has happened. I cannot undo it, but will try to nullify its effect in whatever way I can.

Thanks to all friends for their understanding & kindness.

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