Mourn for Mumbai

taj mumbaiThe dastardly attacks  on Mumbai have made terrorism personal. Earlier it would be blasts…something that was hard to give a face to, but a direct assault such as this is scarier. I congratulate the forces for handling the situation & pray for the deceased.

1.What good is kicking out V.R.Deshmikh/ Patil & associates? Let them stay on & take the flak for their mistakes. Is just sacking them punishment enough? The sacking simply takes them out of the public glare & they are left in peace.

2.No country can stay in RED ALERT perennially, searching each & every corner of the country daily. Our borders/sea coasts should not be as porous as they are. There should be a basic level of security…metal detecters at entrances[working], Relatively alert policemen at strategic positions, equipped properly & in contact with the command center to report anything out of the ordinary

2.Don?t randomly question the working of Intelligence agencies. It is true that when they avert a disaster it is rarely known, but every failure is pounced upon. True, a failure can cause massive destruction, but criticism should always be positive. Looking for scapegoats at such time is demoralizing.

3.Intelligence is the first level of defense, in case of a breach we must also have an action force to contain a situation till the specialists are called in.

4.Any decisions post-incident needs to be handled with a sense of detachment. Emotion provoke reactions that bear little merit. Logical approach is instrumental to reaching proper conclusions.

5.Plug holes every time. Each incident shows us our weakness. Take that as reference & brain storm on other such possible gaps

6.The media should have some selfcontrol over the information they show. I don’t mean a complete blackout, but specifics should not be mentioned. Same goes for politicians, self proclaimed leaders etc. I know its a dog eat dog etcetera etcetera, but nation’s  security comes first, right?

To the Authorities: Whatever course is taken, it must be thought out precisely. Knee jerk reactions will not do. Short term promises/measures are useless, don’t patronizing the public…they are not as dumb as you think. They will bay for blood & it is easy to throw up a couple of names, get a few convictions & forget about everything. Please don’t play the blame game & don’t go for the usual political bickering[Advani mouthing off about the incompetence of the govt…remember the parliament attacks? You were no better…]. Try to be a little sensitive & stop this foot in mouth thing you all have going on.

Most importantly, don’t go half cocked into battle. Don’t make the same mistake the US made invading Iraq. Terrorism cannot be stopped by military aggression…alteast not by overt aggression. Seal our borders, get intelligence flowing, take help from international agencies[why such an ego? If they can be of help take it.]

Read Second Opinion by Jug Suraiya [6 December,08] & it seriously made me think.

-All appearances of Pakistan in the international media is negative: Failure of the Govt. machinery, taliban, terrorism, economic backwardness etc.

-If India did not exist what would pakistan do?

-Is it like the joker from The Dark knight? “You complete me”

-Pakistan would simply implode with its all consuming wrath.

-Instead of trying to destroy India, if the leaders/extremists had tried to improve Pakistan they would have commanded respect today & not be hated/looked upon. Destructive tendenceies help nobody

-What Suraiya states is true, Pakistan=Anti India


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