TV shows

Prison Break season 4 Episode 14:
Scylla gone!!Michael caught by the general!! What is Link supposed to do? General offers to operate on Michael if Link co-operates. And what is tombstone 2? Mahone gets caught….What is happeneing. Looks like this season is going to be a long one.

Roadies 6:
Raghu & Rajiv….what’s that all about?Look alikes/real twins. If real then they would have been on TV long time back. Is it just me or have they lowered the bar in the auditions this time. Its as if they are picking anybody & everybody. Kolkata auditions were simply crap. Hope Roadies 6 winner is more deserving than Aashu.


Back in lucknow. Papa converted the net connection to wireless….so can surf/blog from my room!! YAY!


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