Watched the movie today. I think TOI has given it 3 stars & its deserving. The first 20 to 30 mins were a bit dull, but once Shah is dead then things pick up…not drastically but enough to keep you engaged throughout. Paresh Rawal has lost a LOT of weight but looks haggard. That is probably because he is playing a character who is probably 5-10 yrs younger than him. Neha is OK…portrays the cold wife adequately. Boman, Tara & Om Puri all fit in nicely [although Tara looks a bit washed out…].

The movie is not very surprising or have many twists/shocks as such bit still it never gets dull. Paresh’s antics are very entertaining. There are some bloopers [esp. the last dialogue of Tara…what did she establish with that?] but that can be overlooked.

In the end, its a paisa vasool…don’t expect it to be another “Usual Suspects” [that’s what the trailers convey…]& you’ll enjoy it.


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