Random Post

Disclaimer:Head full of stuff so this post may not make much sense…

-Today is Nana’s 70th Birthday…Happy Birthday Nana!! May your wisdom & love always guide us through our life *muah*

-India won the first of a three test series…& what a victory it was!! This is probably the first time I have seen India snatching victory from the hands of defeat…usually it would be the other way round πŸ™‚

-Loved the last three overs with Sachin & Yuvraj juggling the strike so that sachin could get his 41st test century.[The stupid cablewallah was fooling around & Neo Sports would keep jumping back & forth between channel 14 & 19. Would have strangled him if I had missed the winnning shot. ]

-Papa has switched the broadband plan to unlimited & installed a wireless modem. I am now online 24×7!

-I Setup Papa’s iPod touch for wifi & now even that is up & running! It really good.

Easy to type & most importantly, can zoom in/out easily. If the text is too small pinch out & voila!
photo-3.jpg photo-31.jpg

Rotate the screen for Landscape/portrait mode…

-So my MacBook stays in the room with torrents downloading & use the iPod for surfing…no this post is not from the iPod πŸ™‚

-Have put torrents for download-Scrubs:Season 7 completed, Season 6 running. Tomorrow will put on prison break episode 15!

-The speeds I am getting is unbelievable! Torrents have gone upto 130kbps…but they average out aroung 35 kbps. The normal download is through the roof!

Even with the torrents active, downloading anything using a download manager gives me around 150kbps!!picture-11.png
AND youtube streams effortlessly! No waiting! Now THIS is what I call broadband!!

-Looking up the features of windows 7…can see many “inspirations” from Apple πŸ˜‰Β  GO MAC!!

-Went shopping on sunday…bought a couple of shirts & 2 denim pants+running shoes[old Nikes torn from my excursion to Sinhagad Fort, finally gave up 😦 ]…plan to loose some weight at home this time!

Gotta go…iPod charged, cycling for 20 mins then 10 mins of walking. NO MORE FLAB!!


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