Windows still playing catch up..

Windows 7 (Codename:Blackcomb and Vienna)

As stated in the last post, I was looking up the new Os from Windows…here are some interesting points…
-Apple introduced Multitouch with the iPhone & then expanded it onto the New MacBook, This is the highlight are of windows 7. The difference is that these gestures are to be performed on the screen, not the trackpad. But for that you will probably need to buy touch screens with your computers…or maybe Microsoft is venturing in to the hardware arena!!

-Like OS X Leopard, you have a very clean desktop…something that most ppl will need getting used to!

-Apple introduced widgets, Microsoft tried the sidebar, unsuccessfully. So sidebar being dumped for Gadgets..though they will be on the desktop

-Apple gave iLife, Micorsoft pusing Windows Live Essential Suite

-Apple:Active Screen Corners. Microsoft:Hot Corners

-Apple says:Out of the box use. Microsoft replies:One day experience.

-Somethings are new & nice. If you are comparing 2 documents, instead of right click on toolbar>arrange side-by-side, you can simply drag them to the right & left of the screen. For maximising a window take it to the top of the screen bring it to the center for half the size.

Proposed release date Early 2010.
By then Apple?s Snow Leopard(OS 10.6)should already be out & OS 10.7 should be in the pipeline.
Waiting for both!!


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