Ghajini, as most you already know is one of the most awaited films of 2008…& not just because of Aamir Khan, or his six..oops EIGHT packs[one, no two up from Shahrukh ;)], or the tattoos…though if now you ask me why, I have no answer![ And is it just me are there TOO many buff guys in bollywood these days? First there was John, then Hrithick, Shahrukh, Akshay…& now Aamir. *sigh* Complex de dete hai yaar!! Hero hona kaafi nahi hai kya?? ]

Anyway when I first watched the trailer, I knew straight off it was another Memento.

[Never mind Aamir saying otherwise]

Memento was one of a kind…esp. its reverse playback funda, that’s what gave the movie its charm..the thrill.I sometimes had to pause it & create mental notes/links concerning the plot. It felt weird & you actually sympathize will Leonard, esp. the scene with Trinity…sorry Carrie Anne Moss [She’s always going to be Trinity to me :)]…coming in with bashed lip. You love his tenacity,his methods & his obsession becomes yours…

I have no idea about the tamil version, but I dont think it would have been shown in reverse…I don’t think the Indian public is ready for that kind of direction. Probably the same with the hindi one. Without it, the movie would seem a bit washed out, wouldn’t it? Lets see how A.R. Murugadoss has handled it.

Oh yeah-Memento has two Matrix actors in it:Carrie Anne Moss[Trinity/Natalie] & Joe Pantoliano[Cypher/Ted]

And the tagline-“Remember December 25” reminds me of the tagline of “V for Vendetta”-Remember, remember the 5th of November….– another brilliant movie starring another Matrix actor:Hugo Weaving[Agent Smith/ V ]

Coincidence? I don’t think so 😀


Have watched Rab Ne Bana di Jodi yesterday, but dont feel writing about it now….

*yawn* Whoa that was a big one! 🙂
Good Night !


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