The Second Coming oF Steve Jobs:Book Review

This is the book I had bought this diwali but did not read it due to my exams. Finished it on my to lucknow this time. Of late I have come in contact of many Apple product [iPods,iPhone,iPod touch,Macbook] & their quality impressed me enough to delve into the history of its founder-Steve Jobs. This is the only book that I have found of him & its pretty good. It’s not exactly a biography since it starts after Jobs was fired from Apple & was about to setup NeXT.

It offers many insights into his love, his obsessions & his passion for perfection. It is amazing to watch his confidence spill over to become arrogance & how this arrogance makes him to blow the chance to be where Microsoft is today. But then it is this arrogance which allows him to negotiate deals with hard-nosed businessmen & leave them incredulous with his attitude. His “Bad Steve” persona is highlighted throughout the book.

The book is divided into the following chapters:

1.Preface: A rough summary of Steve’s life
2.Next:Setting up his company using his huge assets collected during his stint in apple & his hunger for vindication
3.Pixar:His acquisition of pixar. Pixar was instrumental in his comeback & it was surprising to see him to try & sabotage it by asserting his ownership once Pixar started returning profits
4.Crises:Bad decisions & luck causes Next to stumble & fall. Along with it came the fall of Jobs & his reputation. His humbling & being written off as a one time wonder.
5.Comeback:His hard headedness of sticking with Pixar pays of. Toy Story is a Hit. Money strats to flow & once Pixar goes public, Steve is floating in it.
6.Apple:How apple had fared since the sacking of Jobs. Reduction in growth rate & almost liquidation. Re-instation of Jobs as the CEO [though it was made official after almost a year]

  1. 7.Being steve:Steve’s personal side

8.Epilogue:The Third coming?:Deals with the second slowdown at apple & the company’s future

Overall a nice package. It offers an impartial look at Steve Jobs & the author is refrains from either being a “fanboy” or demeaning in any way. Would definitely recommend it.


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By:Vinay Rai & William l.Simon


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